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Children make their way to school in Jalawla, Iraq

Children make their way to school past war-damaged walls in Jalawla. Photograph: Abbie Trayler-Smith for the Guardian

While the battle for Mosul rages, residents are returning to the ghost town of Jalawla. Can they rebuild their lives after a year of occupation?

On the evening of 11 August 2014, Assam Dara Ali was at home in Jalawla, southern Iraq. His wife, Teba, was putting their two young children to bed; meanwhile, Kurdish officials in Erbil were beginning to report that Jalawla had fallen to Isis. “Suddenly we heard cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’, God is greatest, from the mosque,” Assam tells me. Isis was broadcasting its takeover message from the minarets, visible from the family’s courtyard.

In the preceding months, fighters had seized large swaths of Iraq: the city of Fallujah, 40 miles west of Baghdad, the western towns of Sinjar and Makhmour, as well as Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. The newly declared caliphate of Islamic State was expanding by the day.

Assam’s eight-year-old daughter, Hanin, had heard the same call of “Allahu Akbar” at night before, when the imam announced the end of Ramadan – a time of celebration with presents, feasting and sweets. “Daddy,” she said, running to her father in great excitement, “is it Eid?”

Assam told Teba and the children to hide under the stairs. “We stayed awake all night. We were afraid they would come into the house and kill us.” People began loading up minivans and cars, escaping along the backroads Isis soldiers wouldn’t know. Assam and his family left early the next morning, heading for Teba’s parents’ home in Baghdad. “We called neighbours and they told us which way was safe,” he says. There was only time to take their identity cards.

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REU: U.N. states seeking resolution to demand end to fighting in Syria

The United Nations General Assembly began talks on Friday on a draft resolution that would demand an end to fighting in Syria amid frustration by some states and rights groups over U.N. Security Council deadlock on the nearly six-year conflict.

More than a third of the 193-member General Assembly this week asked for a formal meeting to be held on Syria. Diplomats said the meeting was likely to be held next week, when the Canadian-drafted resolution could be put to a vote.

General Assembly resolutions are non-binding, but can carry political weight.

“We believe that it is necessary for the General Assembly to express it collective will in accordance with the U.N. Charter and to take actions on the situation in Syria,” Canada, Costa Rica, Japan and the Netherlands wrote to General Assembly President Peter Thomson on behalf of 74 countries.

The draft resolution would express outrage at the escalation of violence in Syria, particularly in Aleppo, where the United Nations says more than 250,000 people have been trapped for months. It would demand aid access, an end to indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks and an end to sieges.

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CNN: Iraq: Death toll climbs as urban warfare slows battle for Mosul

Irbil, Iraq, Nearly 2,000 Iraqi troops were killed across Iraq in November as they battled to force ISIS extremists from the country, according to newly released UN figures.

That’s nearly triple the number of military casualties reported in October, when an offensive to retake the city of Mosul from ISIS first began.

The toll for November includes Iraqi army, police in combat, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and allied militias.

The Iraqi-led coalition forces’ advance slowed after Iraqi Security Forces entered Mosul last month, a densely populated urban environment where troops have had to fight street-to-street battles against deeply entrenched militants.

Civilians in the city also are paying a heavy price.

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REU: Residents alarmed as Iraqi soldiers spray Shi’ite graffiti in Mosul

“We answer your call, O Hussein!”

The traditional battle cry of Shi’ite Muslims, expressing loyalty to the 7th century martyred hero of their sect, has been spraypainted across buildings in Mosul by soldiers as they push out the hardline Sunni fighters of Islamic State.

Troops and commanders say the slogan, sometimes sprayed over Islamic State’s own graffiti, is meant to be an expression of victory for all Iraqis. But for many residents of the multi-ethnic but predominantly Sunni Muslim city, it is an explicitly sectarian taunt from the country’s Shi’ite majority, signaling more violence to come.

“Look at this. The army should be neutral and not painting such things on walls,” said Abdullah Shuwaib, a Sunni blacksmith who fled the fighting, pointing to a Shi’ite slogan painted next to a nearby grocery shop. “I’m not optimistic. Iraq won’t improve after Daesh is gone.”

Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh, considers all Shi’ite Muslims heretics who must repent or die. It declared a Sunni caliphate in 2014 after sweeping through the third of Iraq’s territory where Arab Sunnis predominate, executing Shi’ite soldiers who failed to flee in time.

The militants were initially welcomed by some Sunnis who saw them as protectors from a Shi’ite-led government in Baghdad.

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VOX: Top US General: Leadership, Corruption are Afghanistan’s Biggest Challenges

U.S. General John Nicholson, the commander of international forces in Afghanistan, said the biggest challenges facing Afghanistan next year are leadership and corruption in the Afghan military.

“These do plague some portions of the Afghan security forces, and what it has led to is a poor sustainment of soldiers in the field,” Nicholson said at the Pentagon Friday.

The general said ineffectiveness and corruption in the supply system have left some Afghan soldiers on outposts without water, food or the ammunition they need to fight.

Nicholson said he has spoken “very frankly” with Afghan military and government leaders about these problems and will focus on implementing solutions, including the replacement of corrupt leaders, during the winter campaign.

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REU: Taliban hang student suspected over assassination: official

Taliban militants hanged a university student in public in a village west of Kabul after accusing him of involvement in the death of a senior Taliban official, a local government spokesman said on Saturday.

Abdul Rahman Mangal said Faiz ul Rahman Wardak, a fourth-year student at Kabul Polytechnic University, was hanged in Sewaka village in Chak district, 60 km (37 miles) outside the Afghan capital.

He said local Taliban insurgents accused him of being involved in the assassination of a Taliban intelligence official named Mullah Mirwais.

“He wanted to spend his holiday at home but was captured on Thursday by local Taliban and they hanged him in public,” Mangal said. “As soon as we got information, we tried to help him but the Taliban hanged him immediately.”

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Civilians suffer heavy casualties in Afghan forces, Taliban clashes in Kandahar

The civilians in southern Kandahar province suffered heavy casualties during a 4-day clash that ended on Thursday night. According to the local government officials, the clashes took place in Nish district between the Afghan forces and the Taliban insurgents. Provincial police spokesman Zia Durani said the Taliban insurgents were forced to leave the district after

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Taliban publicly execute university student in Wardak province

The Taliban insurgents have publicly executed a university student in Maida Wardak province, located near capital Kabul in central parts of the country. The student was reportedly hanged to death after accusing him of working for the government. According to reports, the university student was on his way to meet his family when he was

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Afghan forces put to test and prevailed during 2016 fighting season: Gen. Nicholson

The top US commander in Afghanistan General John Nicholson said the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) were put to the test and prevailed during the 2016 fighting season. Gen. Nicholson who is also in command of the NATO-led Resolute Support (RS) mission, said the Afghan forces went into 2016 with a campaign plan

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Trump speaks with Ghani, vows to work closely to counter terrorism threats

The US President-elect Donald Trump spoke with the Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to discus issues of bilateral interest, including the joint fight against terrorism, it has been reported. The Trump transition team informed regarding the discussions between President Ghani and President-elect Trump, according to Reuters. “The two men discussed the grave terrorism threats facing

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Magnetic bomb explosion leaves 3 wounded in Kabul city

At least 3 people were wounded in a magnetic bomb explosion in West of Kabul city earlier this evening, security officials said. The officials further added that the incident took place in the 3rd police district of the city after a magnetic bomb planted in a police vehicle went off in Golayi Dawa Khana

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Iraq Casualties, Exclusive of Civilians



Recent Casualties

Color Denotes Today’s Confirmation

Staff Sgt. James F. Moriarty, 27, of Kerrville, Texas…assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Fort Campbell, Kentucky…died Nov. 4 in Jafr, Jordan, of wounds sustained when their convoy came under fire entering a Jordanian military base. The incident is under investigation.

Staff Sgt. Kevin J. McEnroe, 30, of Tucson, Ariz…assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Fort Campbell, Kentucky…died Nov. 4 in Jafr, Jordan, of wounds sustained when their convoy came under fire entering a Jordanian military base. The incident is under investigation.

Staff Sgt. Matthew C. Lewellen, 27, of Lawrence, Kan…assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Fort Campbell, Kentucky…died Nov. 4 in Jafr, Jordan, of wounds sustained when their convoy came under fire entering a Jordanian military base. The incident is under investigation.


Iraq Occupation Confirmed U.S Casualties – Since June 1, 2009

Afghanistan Casualties, Exclusive of Civilians


Recent Casualties

Color Denotes Today’s Confirmation

Pfc. Tyler R. Iubelt, 20, of Tamaroa, Illinois..assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Special Troops Battalion, 1st Sustainment Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas…died Nov. 12 of injuries sustained from an improvised explosive device in Bagram, Afghanistan.

Sgt. John W. Perry, 30, of Stockton, California…assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Special Troops Battalion, 1st Sustainment Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas…died Nov. 12 of injuries sustained from an improvised explosive device in Bagram, Afghanistan.

Sgt. 1st Class Ryan A. Gloyer, 34, of Greenville, Pennsylvania…assigned to Company B, 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Fort Carson, Colorado…died Nov. 3 in Kunduz, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained while engaging enemy forces.

Capt. Andrew D. Byers, 30, of Rolesville, North Carolina…assigned to Company B, 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Fort Carson, Colorado…died Nov. 3 in Kunduz, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained while engaging enemy forces.

The Department of Defense announced today the death of one soldier and one Department of Army civilian employee who were supporting Operation Freedom’s Sentinel.

Sgt. Douglas J. Riney, 26, of Fairview, Illinois, and Michael G. Sauro, 40, of McAlester, Oklahoma, died Oct. 20 in Kabul, Afghanistan, of wounds received from encountering hostile enemy forces.

Riney was assigned to the Support Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. Sauro was assigned to the Defense Ammunition Center, McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, McAlester, Oklahoma.

Staff Sgt. Adam S. Thomas, 31, of Takoma Park, Maryland, died Oct. 4 in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, from injuries caused by an improvised explosive device that exploded during dismounted operations. The incident is under investigation.

Afghanistan Occupation Confirmed U.S Casualties – Since June 1, 2009

PTSD: National Center for PTSD

PTSD Care for Veterans, Military, and Families


See Help for Veterans with PTSD to learn how to enroll for VA health care and get an assessment.


All VA Medical Centers provide PTSD care, as well as many VA clinics.

Some VA’s have programs specializing in PTSD treatment. Use the VA PTSD ProgramLocator to find a PTSD program.


If you are a war Veteran, find a Vet Center to help with the transition from military to civilian life.


Call the 24/7 Veteran Combat Call Center1-877-WAR-VETS (1-877-927-8387) to talk to another combat Veteran.


DoD’s Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE) 24/7 Outreach Center for Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury provides information and helps locate resources.

Call 1-866-966-1020 or email


Military OneSource

Call 24/7 for counseling and many resources 1-800-342-9647.


Need further assistance? Get Help with VA PTSD Care, Benefits, or Claims.


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CCR: Detention Watch Network


Detention Watch Network (DWN) v. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS)


Date Filed:

November 25, 2013

Current Status

On November 28, 2016, CCR and DWN filed our motion to dismiss the appeal of private prison contractors GEO Group and Corrections Corporation of America. We have also appealed the district court’s decision to allow the contractors to intervene.

Document productions by both ICE and DHS continue on a monthly basis.


Seton Hall Law Clinic


Detention Watch Network

In November 2013, the Detention Watch Network (DWN) and the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement for information and documents pertaining to the so-called “detention bed quota,” also known as the “detention bed mandate.” When the agencies failed to comply, CCR filed suit against them. This work is part of  CCR’s support of grassroots immigrants’ rights groups fighting injustice in immigration policing and enforcement, as well as CCR’s long history of work around detention and mass incarceration.

Since 2009, appropriations bills passed by the U.S. Congress have required the funding of 34,000 immigration detention beds per day. DHS and ICE have interpreted this funding provision as a requirement that those beds be filled at all times, through the use of local jails and correctional facilities as well as private, for-profit correctional corporations with enormous lobbying power, resulting in a quota for detainees that has no parallel or precedent in the U.S. criminal justice system.

The public has a right to understand the motives of government officials and agencies regarding this policy that devastates families and immigrant communities. CCR and DWN hope to obtain information that gives the public a better understanding of the detention bed quota, the decision-making surrounding the quota, and its impact on detention policy and detention contracting decisions. This information will enable the public, advocates, and policy-makers to engage in an important on-going policy debate.

What To Do:

The U.S. government has a long history of violating the civil and human rights of immigrants who often lack political power and access to justice. From our early support of the Sanctuary Movement and our representation of HIV-positive Haitians held in Guantánamo to our legal challenges to warrantless home raids in Latino communities and the religious profiling and illegal detention of Muslim, South Asian, and Arab immigrants following 9/11, the Center has fought to defend the rights of vulnerable immigrants and empower their communities. In our current litigation and advocacy, we challenge the religious profiling and illegal detention of Muslim, South Asian, and Arab immigrants; provide direct legal support to activists; and bring to light the expansion of immigration enforcement and privatized detention as key features of mass incarceration. Through Freedom of Information Act requests and litigation, CCR has bolstered efforts by grassroots immigrant rights groups to force government transparency about policies like Secure Communities, the detention bed quota, and raid operations.



Case Files:

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News and Analyses, A Foreign Perspective

Chinese-Americans discontent with White House’s refusal to ban controversial song

(People’s Daily Online)  December 02, 2016

[File photo]

The U.S. government has officially refused the online appeal to ban a controversial song “encouraging violence and crimes” against Chinese people, which has upset the Chinese-American community.

“The First Amendment protects the freedom of speech in the United States. The White House doesn’t make decisions about whether particular songs are available publicly. Individual platforms determine their choice of content and the rules of participation and conduct for their sites,” read a reply on the official White House website on Dec. 1.

The reply came in response to a petition launched on Sept. 21, which had collected over 114,000 signatures as of press time, demanding that the U.S. government ban the song “Meet the Flockers” by hip-hop artist YG from public media, and also “investigate the legal responsibilities of its writers.” Any petition that collects over 100,000 signatures within one month is guaranteed to receive a response from the White House.

“I’m very upset about the result. When other ethnic groups, for instance African Americans, suffer mistreatment or injustice, the government always stands up and tries to defend them. When it comes to Asians, we cannot even get a decent apology or official criticism for such appalling discrimination. We expected the result, though, and we will resort to other legal actions to voice the beliefs of our group,” Wang Tian (pseudonym), a New York-based Chinese-American activist, told People’s Daily Online on Dec. 2.

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Daimler executive in trouble over remarks about China


A senior German business executive is now under fire on China’s social media over his insulting remarks about China.

Rainer Gartner, president and CEO at Daimler Trucks & Buses China Ltd., has made a disparaging comment on Chinese people, saying that “I have been in China one year already; the first thing I learned here is: All you Chinese are bastards.”

His gaffe came after a parking row with a Chinese driver at a residential community in Beijing’s northeastern Shunyi District.

The quarrel drew passersby to come and defend the Chinese, but they were pepper sprayed by the German executive.

The Chinese driver said he will seek legal actions against Gartner for his actions and remarks.

“The German executive should apologize for his wrongdoings immediately,” said a microblogger on China’s twitter-like Sina Weibo.

“Expats should behave themselves and never put on airs even if they are rich or superior,” said another microblogger.

Another German political leader also triggered outrage for his rude remarks in October this year.

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US politics >>

Trump blasts ‘dishonest press’ as he kicks off victory tour – video

President elect Donald Trump accuses the press of being ‘extremely dishonest’ at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday, as he begins his self-described ‘thank you tour’. Trump says the old rules of politics no longer apply, and asks his followers to denounce hatred and come together under his presidency

Trump starts ‘thank you tour’ to states he won>>

Trump reverts to campaign mode on victory tour, bashing Clinton and media>>

Donald Trump announces James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis as secretary of defense>>


Ban Ki-moon said deadly outbreak that killed up thousands ‘leaves a blemish’ on United Nations’ reputation, ending six years of refusing to claim responsibility

United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon apologises for the UN’s role in the cholera outbreak which killed over 9,000 people in Haiti. He admits that the world body “simply did not do enough”.

The United Nations has admitted for the first time that its peacekeepers were directly responsible for bringing cholera to Haiti, bringing to an end a six-year delay in which the world body consistently ducked responsibility for importing the disease that has potentially killed up to 30,000 people.

In a 16-page report released on Thursday setting out what is being billed as a new approach to fighting cholera in Haiti, the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, cites expert opinion about the cause of the deadly outbreak. It found that “the preponderance of the evidence does lead to the conclusion that personnel associated with the [UN’s peacekeeping] facility were the most likely source”.

The comment marks the first time that the UN chief has admitted that the devastating disease was brought to the country by the organization’s own peacekeepers when they were transferred from Nepal to assist with emergency rescue work in the wake of the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

Ban presented his report to a special meeting of the UN general assembly in New York on Thursday. He spoke directly to the Haitian people in three languages – Creole, French and English. In English, he said: “We apologize to the Haitian people. We simply did not do enough with regard to the cholera outbreak and spread in Haiti. We are profoundly sorry for our role.”

He added that the UN’s handling of the epidemic “leaves a blemish on the reputation of UN peacekeeping and the organization worldwide. For the sake of the Haitian people, but also for the sake of the United Nations itself, we have a moral responsibility to act and a collective responsibility to deliver.”

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Save the Children say £950m is needed by those affected by Boko Haram, with tens of thousands of children at risk of death in areas held by the group

A young boy in Borno

A young boy in Borno, north-east Nigeria, with severe acute malnutrition. Photograph: Stefan Heunis/AFP/Getty Images

Money looted from Nigeria in corrupt practices and laundered through the UK should be used to help save the lives of thousands of children at risk of starvation in the conflict-hit north-east of the country, a leading aid organisation says.

More than $1.2 bn (£950m) is needed to save children from starvation and help families to try to piece together their lives at the end of a brutal armed conflict, according to Save the Children. It is appealing for UN agencies and donor governments to step up, warning that the region has high levels of child malnutrition and is teetering on the brink of famine.

In a briefing issued as the Nigerian government issued its appeal for help to the UN on Friday, Save the Children proposed that some of the cash desperately needed by more than 2 million people uprooted by Boko Haram could come from the millions seized in the UK.

“Large sums of illicit finance from Nigeria are laundered through banks and the property markets in the United Kingdom,” it says. “Four years ago, when James Ibori, a former government of Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta state, pleaded guilty to £50m in fraud and money laundering, the presiding judge described the theft as ‘financial criminality on an eye-watering scale’.”

Funds have been seized by the UK authorities in a number of such cases. Following a memorandum of understanding signed in September, the money can be returned to Nigeria for projects to help the poorest in society. “It is difficult to think of any project more deserving of support against this criterion than the humanitarian effort in north-east Nigeria,” said Save the Children.

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Descendant given document revealing chain of responsibility for death, from Soviet leader to three executioners

Stepan Karagodin

Stepan Karagodin, a Cossack farmer who was killed in 1938 after being accused of spying for Japan. Photograph: Denis Karagodin

A young designer in Russia plans to sue the state in an unprecedented case after an archivist sent him evidence appearing to name the agents of Joseph Stalin’s secret police who executed his great-grandfather.

Denis Karagodin, 34, received the document in the post after repeated requests to the Federal Security Service (FSB) for information about the circumstances of his great-grandfather’s execution.

The typewritten paper appears to be a report in which three secret security officers confirm to a court that they have carried out the court’s death sentence in the city of Tomsk. The stamped document featured the names and scrawled signatures of the three secret police agents who took responsibility for shooting Stepan Karagodin.

The dead man’s great-grandson believes it is the first time that names of actual perpetrators of Stalin’s crimes have been directly associated with the deaths of their victims, and described it as a “stunning discovery”.

Karagodin does not know why the document was not stamped secret. He claims he can now establish a direct chain of responsibility from Stalin, to the secret police head, Nikolai Yezhov, to the local security officials in Tomsk, to the members of the tribunal who rubber-stamped the verdict, to the three executioners who pulled the trigger and, presumably, dumped Stepan Karagodin’s body into a mass grave on the edge of the city.

“The historians and specialists I have spoken with cannot believe that I managed this,” he said. “Some of them were simply in shock that such documents even exist and that you can access them.”

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Donald Trump with Mitt Romney

‘If this photo had a caption, it would be: “Honey! What are you doing back so early?”’ Donald Trump with Mitt Romney. Photograph: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

You could get lost in that photo of Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, couldn’t you? Every time you look at it, another new detail rises to the surface and breaks your heart. The angle of Romney’s eyebrows. The self-satisfied lurch in Trump’s neck. The bottle of wine in the background and the glasses of water on the table. The sensation that Trump has shoved away his plate of scallops and demanded that someone bring him a big bowl of Sugar Puffs and a mixing spoon.

But it is Romney’s face that makes this such a fascinating picture. Look at it. There is no way on Earth that Romney expected the photo to be taken. He is, remember, the most presidential-looking non-president in the history of the United States. He looks like what you would get if you asked a beachside cartoonist on Martha’s Vineyard to draw a human version of a bald eagle. Yet here he is, three mouthfuls into a meal, looking sheepish and squirming as if he has just been caught in bed with another woman. If this photo had a caption, it would be: “Honey! What are you doing back so early?”

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage

‘Nigel Farage looks like a competition winner who lost all bladder control because he got to meet an American off the telly.’ Photograph: ?@Nigel_Farage/Twitter

We’re told that Trump is a master of distraction, that every time he tweets or barks or honks it is a carefully stage-managed ploy to keep our attention away from his hidden agenda. There will be those who claim that this photo is one such distraction. However, I cannot agree. It strikes so hard at the essence of what it is to be Romney – a failed presidential candidate so desperate for power in any form that he is willing to make a humiliatingly public display of affection towards a man he once called a fraud. And it is an aspect of Trump’s strategy that is vitally important to highlight.

Trump does this over and over again. Forget about dealmaking or galvanising the white working class; his greatest talent is his ability to make you reveal your true self in photographs. He is such an overt character, and inspires such polarised reaction, that people become totally incapable of hiding their feelings around him. This is my theory: if you’re a public figure of any description, history will remember only what you looked like when you were photographed with Trump.

Romney – sagging and broken as though Trump has ambushed him with a mariachi band playing Tonight You Belong To Me on an orchestra of sex toys – is only one example. And you don’t have to look far for others.

Chris Christie and Donald Trump

Chris Christie looks on as his political ambitions burn. Photograph: Scott Audette/Reuters

A year ago, for instance, Chris Christie was a genuine presidential contender: an old-school political heavyweight who, as governor of New Jersey, prided himself on his ability to push through ideas, even managing to unite the gaping political chasm between the left and the right as he did so. Close your eyes and think of him now, though. What do you see? You see a shaved bear, don’t you? You see someone slow-witted and concussed standing behind Trump like a hypnotised heavy from a 1960s episode of Batman. No matter what he does for the rest of his life, no matter how many orphanages he builds or diseases he cures, you will always remember Christie as a lumbering, clueless henchman. Why? Because someone took a photograph of him with Trump.

It works for his opponents, too. Before he met Trump, Barack Obama was the model of cool positivity. He was young and powerful, cresting on a wave of strong opinion polls. He was “yes we can”, he was “fired up, ready to go”. But that persona evaporated for ever during his first press conference with Trump. Youth abandoned him in that moment; suddenly, he looked old and tired, like Danny Glover staggering around immediately before the White House is taken out by an oceanliner halfway through the film 2012. His true self was dragged to the surface by Trump.

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Stop Jeff Sessions from becoming Attorney General


Stop Jeff Sessions from becoming Attorney General. He would be disastrous for civil rights.

Sign the petition to tell Senators: Stop Jeff Sessions from becoming Attorney General. He would be disastrous for civil rights.

Donald Trump announced that he will appoint Senator Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General, or the top law enforcement agent in the country.

This is outrageous, and would be disastrous for all civil rights. Sessions is a racist, homophobic, misogynist xenophobe. He cannot lead the department that safeguards the rights and liberties of people in the U.S.

Sessions was rejected by Republicans for a federal judgeship in the 80s, because he was too racist. He has used the n-word, called civil rights groups like the NAACP un-American, and joked about liking the KKK, among many other racist remarks. As a Senator, he has fought all paths to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. He has defended Trump’s idea to ban Muslim immigrants.

Sessions is a danger to women and LGBTQ people. His actions as Alabama Attorney General to ban Gay-Straight Alliances on Alabama college campuses were ruled First Amendment violations. He voted against the Matthew Shepard Act, which added to the federal definition of hate crimes to include violent acts based on sexual orientation and gender identity. He voted against the Violence Against Women Act. He is also an outspoken opponent of women’s abortion rights.

Sign the petition to tell Senators: Do not let Jeff Sessions become Attorney General. He cannot be allowed to lead the Department of Justice.

These are only a few reasons Jeff Sessions is utterly unfit to head the Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ is responsible for protecting people’s rights, regardless of race, gender, religion, and beyond. He has actively fought the U.S. government’s efforts to protect the rights of marginalized groups. Trump’s appointment of him as U.S. Attorney General is a blatant affront to millions of people.

Sessions, as Attorney General, could undo years of progress. He could revoke the current DOJ policy letting states legalize marijuana, crack down on immigration, stop investigating police brutality, and roll back the DOJ’s enforcement of civil rights — and actively punish the people that civil rights laws and the DOJ are meant to protect: women, people of color, LGBTQ people, Muslims, and immigrants.

However, he will only become the U.S. Attorney General if he is confirmed by the Senate. So we can stop it.

Sign the petition to tell all U.S. Senators: do not allow Senator Jeff Sessions to become the U.S. Attorney General.

United States Senators

Sponsored by

Our Message to United States Senators :

To: United States Senators
From: [Your Name]

Do not allow Senator Jeff Sessions to become the U.S. Attorney General. He has fought the U.S. government’s (including the Department of Justice’s) efforts to protect the rights of marginalized people, including women, people of color, LGBTQ people, Muslims, and immigrants. Trump’s appointment of him as U.S. Attorney General is a blatant affront to these people. It would be outrageous to let him lead the Department of Justice.

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