01 Jun

What we hear should remind us …

Israel’s night time assault on the Gaza Aid flotilla in international waters epitomizes the arrogance and brutality of their regime. As yet, two days after the attack, they have not even deemed it necessary to provide either the names or number of the dead and wounded. The images of the attack that are broadcast in the West are highly modified and edited versions of the view from the Israeli helicopter gunships that circled overhead and abruptly disturbed the passengers in the dead of night. High powered projections of light drilled down upon the vessels and shook the peace, broke the safety of passage and urged the frightened to defend themselves from an onslaught whose end they could not have foreseen.

That the rights of those on board the ships of aid were violated by a carefully planned and brutally executed stratagem by Israel, goes un-commented on.

That hundreds of civilians from countries the world over are now incarcerated illegally having no means of presenting their stories independently and freely to the press, goes un-commented on.

That Israel has once again triumphed in the destruction and devastation of the hopes of millions in establishing a lifeline to Gaza goes un-commented on.

That Israel maintains illegally and mercilessly the largest prison on the face of the earth, goes un-commented on.

That Israel carries out the willfull and planned murder of those seeking to defend themselves, whose faces are now nameless, whose  hopes are now strewn and belittled, who are to be left with nothing,  goes un-commented on.

What we hear in its place is a sophisticated logic that calculates over the despair of millions of Palestinians. It calculates and apportions suffering, misery, torture and death. It envisions a prolonged and relentless gain from the extension of catastrophe and injustice.

What we hear in its place is Israel’s prolonged history of exemption from international law and ethical norms.

What we hear in its place is the collusion between the United States and Israel that we have so often heard and seen before.

What we hear should remind us of President Obama’s stark silence on the 27th of December 2008, when Israel launched a full scale assault on the Palestinian people, murdering and maiming thousands.

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