12 May

Weekend Laughter – The Mystery of Bunny McGlynn: A True Story

The McGlynn: Back in late summer of 1940 my family returned to Leavenworth, Kansas from St Louis, Missouri. Having spent the summer with my cousin Willie in Leavenworth, I greeted them as they arrived, in a pick-up truck at our new home on Ottawa street. On top of the piled furniture was Bill’s quacking duck. My bunnies were nowhere. They had been left behind! Since then no one would tell me what happened to my bunnies.

Last year I assigned Ann the mission to find out the truth as to what happened to my bunnies. This is her report.

The Mystery of Bunny McGlynn: A True Story

By Ann

The car, fully loaded with boxes, suitcases, bickering children, a rabbit, a duck and fishing gear, appeared incapable of movement. Your father taped red paper, gently removed from your brother Bill’s model airplane, over the flashlight that would serve as the rear left tail light. Bill did his best to fight back tears at seeing his denuded plane (now nothing more than a balsa skeleton of flight), but he knew the trip from East St. Louis to Leavenworth would be long, and their safety was at stake.

But there was the issue of weight. Upon tying the bunny’s cage to the car roof (right next to the duck’s)1 , the undercarriage of the car sank dangerously low to the pavement. The bunny, shocked by the sudden shift beneath him, realized his recent weight gain (thanks to generous meals provided to him by his owner, Dick) would cause a dilemma for this loving family. Also, unbeknownst to Dick, the bunny had started a family of his own, and he was saddened by the idea of leaving his new family in the lurch. So, as Dad McGlinn added another layer of tape to the tail light, bunny nosed open his cage door, hopped off the car roof, and bounded his way south on Ripa Street until he found his family’s bunny hole where he lived for many years in health and happiness.

But the story doesn’t end there. McBunny’s many offspring had bunnies of their own, and soon an entire colony of McBunnys populated South St. Louis. Over the decades, they set off to discover other cities (some said to be lined with streets of carrots) and a McBunny population has exploded as far north as Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL where McBunnies (known by their distinctive habit of chewing up Republican political posters to build nests for their young) now happily multiply.

This journalist was able to capture a grainy image*2(provided on the front of the attached card) of a great-greatgrandson of the original McBunny. It was taken on a recent Spring evening in Chicago, just outside a local juice bar.

1.)Your father’s actions do not reflect those of Mitt Romney, who tied his dog’s cage to the roof during a family vacation. Your father, unlike Mitt, was a gentle and considerate man who made sure the cages were secured behind a windshield of suitcases. They were also covered by well-ventilated tarps to shade the animals from the sun. He also knew the car wouldn’t be moving fast enough to cause the animals distress.

2.)Picture will be forthcoming.

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