02 Nov

Weekend Enjoyment, SNL Predicted the Obamacare Web Site Failure


Yes, ‘Saturday Night Live’ Predicted the Obamacare Web Site Failure


“A lot of folks have been talking about our new healthcare enrollment site, how it’s been crashing and freezing and shutting down and stalling and not working and breaking and sucking,” McKinnon-as-Sebelius said. “Millions of Americans are visiting, which is great news. Unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time.”

As it turns out, those numbers weren’t too far off.

Though the sketch aired six days ago, statistics about Obamacare enrollment that leaked Thursday show that the figures SNL used for its punchline, outlandish as it was attempting to be, were no joke.

CBS News obtained notes from “war room” meetings conducted on the days surrounding the Obamacare website’s failure. Publicly, the Obama administration was saying that 4.7 million unique visitors accessed on the day of its launch, a Tuesday. Notes from Wednesday morning’s war room meeting say only “six enrollments have occurred so far.”

There you have it. Saturday Night Live predicted the Obamacare failure.

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