06 Nov

Vote! Vote! Vote!

is the day!

Dear The McGlynn

From running phonebanks into Wisconsin and Ohio to knocking on doors in
Florida, after countless hours of campaigning, we can rest assured tonight that
USAction and all of our wonderful members really pulled out all the stops. Now
there’s only one thing left to do to assure victory this Election Day, and it
all comes down to you. So get out there and vote!

And if you’ve already voted, convince your friends and family to vote

Below we’ve compiled some helpful resources for everything you will need to
exercise your right to vote today.

How to find your polling place:
•    Google
Polling Place Locator

•    Revolution
Messaging’s text message polling place locator

•    Election
Protection’s smart phone app: Download from iTunes
or from the Google
Play Store

Questions or problem at the polls?
•    Election Protection is
a nonpartisan coalition of 150 organizations dedicated to making sure everyone
can exercise their right to vote. If you have a problem at the polls on Election
Day, or if you just need to find your polling place or have a question, you can
call 1-866-OUR-VOTE (English) or 1-888-VEY-VOTA (Spanish).

Some states require specific forms a voter ID; some don’t. Here are a few
resources to find out what you need to bring:

•    Rock
the Vote’s Election Center

•    Election

If you have any other questions or concerns that aren’t addressed here call
1-866-OUR-VOTE or your state election official.

Happy Election day! And remember, your vote matters.

David Elliot
USAction / TrueMajority

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