Christina Green

Elizabeth – Cate’s Eulogy


Republican Government

A Teenager’s Journey.

Iraq & Afghanistan, A Drawing-Down of Blinds.

A Walk Through Arlington (Original Posting in 2007)

Lauren “Danny Boy”

The Know Nothings

Senator Grassley, Fear, Fear

Vietnam, Agent Orange

American Guns

Do You Remember?

O’Reilly, The Madman

Cluster Bomb final.wmv

The Children of the Campaign

Obama – Grandmother & The Little People

Gov Palin Talk To French President

New Candidate For ’08

Art by Maureen

Palin, Also Dumb

The Killing of Innocents
U.S.air raid on Afghan innocents

Guerra No

A Week of Laughs
Republican pols on Palin (the mike
was left on)

McCain Gaffe

Time For A Little Levity


Christina Memorial

Pete Seeger – The Water is Wide

The Lyrics

The water is wide, I cannot get oer
Neither have I wings to fly
Give me a boat that can carry two
And both shall row, my love and I

A ship there is and she sails the sea
She’s loaded deep as deep can be
But not so deep as the love I’m in
I know not if I sink or swim

I leaned my back against an oak
Thinking it was a trusty tree
But first it bent and then it broke
So did my love prove false to me

I reached my finger into some soft bush
Thinking the fairest flower to find
I pricked my finger to the bone
And left the fairest flower behind

Oh love be handsome and love be kind
Gay as a jewel when first it is new
But love grows old and waxes cold
And fades away like the morning dew

Must I go bound while you go free
Must I love a man who doesn’t love me
Must I be born with so little art
As to love a man who’ll break my heart

When cockle shells turn silver bells
Then will my love come back to me
When roses bloom in winter’s gloom
Then will my love return to me


Pete Seeger – Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream


Afghan Rethink, Part 3


Noam Chomsky


Citizens Petition For A Bush War Crimes Special Prosecutor


Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Light


Obama’s Election Night Speech


These videos were made at the request of the Obama Campaign in Western Wayne County, Michigan and cover just a small part of the last four days of the campaign.
My grandson Joseph and I were honored to be asked and were thrilled while filming the diversity of the people working to elect Obama and change the disastrous direction our country has followed under the Bush administration.
To all campaign workers, please accept my deepest thanks from this ancient Liberal. Well done

The McGlynn

Victory Celebration, Plymouth, Michigan

Northville, Michigan

Plymouth, Michigan

Calling For Obama




President – Elect Obama’s Victory Speech


McCain, The Warrior


The Liberal Lion Receives An Honor From Chile

And he is looking great!

The Liberal Lion Goes To Denver…..& Tribute to the Lion

McCain’s Lobbyists

Guerra No

Our Country’s Shame Continues

Our Country’s Shame – Impeach

Our Children In Iraq, Chapter 1

Conservatism in the US today

Our Country’s Treasure – Chapter One

Our County’s Treasure – Chapter Two

Who Are we?

Our Children – Chapter two

In the Name of Humanity

A Walk Through Arlington

The Earth In Minature
Welcome to video page. This page is currently devoted to displaying a number of videos which have been made with the specific intention of countering the silence by US media over the true cost of the occupation of Iraq. It is hoped that these videos will draw some attention to the terrible suffering experienced by both the occupiers and the occupied. We do not seek to offend but to awaken.


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