28 Nov

Ugandan Parliament has reintroduced its notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill

CCR Action Alert!

The McGlynn,

The Ugandan Parliament has reintroduced its notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill, and
we need your help to pressure our government to take action in two ways: ask
President Obama to denounce the bill publicly, and demand the review of funding
to U.S. faith-based initiatives
to ensure that they are not playing a
role in promoting the persecution of LGBTI communities.

Earlier versions of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill have provided for the
death penalty for sex between consenting adults, the criminalization of LGBTI
rights advocacy, and extended prison sentences for anyone – including family
members, doctors and clergy – who does not turn a suspected member of the LGBTI
community over to the authorities. The consistent reintroduction of this bill
may be part of a broader effort to divert attention away from an oil bill
currently before Parliament which would cede control of Uganda’s oil to private
interests. Some social justice advocates in Uganda have lamented that the LGBTI
community is victim to a full-frontal attack simply to divert the Ugandan
public’s attention away from the foreign appropriation of their valuable natural

U.S. evangelicals have played a major role in the effort to further
criminalize the LGBTI community in Uganda. Last March, the Center for
Constitutional Rights and our client Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) filed
a federal lawsuit against U.S. evangelical Scott Lively
for persecution.
Our complaint detailed Lively’s involvement in anti-gay efforts in Uganda,
including his consultations regarding the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, and showed
how his actions are aimed at stripping fundamental rights from LGBTI people, in
violation of international law. Other U.S. churches and organizations have also
been involved in spreading the hate.

It is time to review the federal government’s funding of U.S. faith-based
initiatives to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not being used to promote the
persecution of LGBTI communities abroad. Please call on President Obama to
denounce the bill, and demand a review of funding to faith-based organizations
in the U.S. to ensure that they do not engage in persecution. Let’s stop this outsourcing of hate.

Take Action Now! Click here for the White House phone number
and a sample script.

Thank you for your continued support.

Warren Dickerson

Director of Education and Outreach


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