01 Nov

Two Million Friends

Dear The O’Leary,

Your friendship means so very much to us.

Afghans have a saying about the love that sustains friendship, “For
you, a thousand times over!”

Please send one of your friends to befriend us through the website: – thank you for helping to change our lives
in Afghanistan!

If you would like to help our outreach team find 2 million frriends,
please leave a note at our networking email address:

Love is how we will ask for peace,
the Afghan Peace Volunteers 

Two Million Friends


Dear friends,

Is it possible to find 2 Million Friends?

While hemmed in by busy gadgets and information, we are strangers to one another.

Because we don’t know each another yet, we haven’t been able to share with you how, in Afghanistan, the loneliness of mutual killing is dividing Afghans over and above the loneliness of life.  War is constantly closing in on us and our open mountains.

There is a global awakening though, and as ‘everyday’ Afghans, we’re likewise awakening to the reality that all wars are socio-economic, geopolitical wars against the people.

We, the people of the world, have unwisely assented to a global system which gives unjust authority and money to a few fellow human beings in governments or big businesses.

This system tells us that we are ordinary folk, and that we don’t understand.

But we’re awakening. We understand that the world has a child dying from hunger every 10 seconds. Our land gets taken away from us or purchased. We study hard but today’s education makes our minds numb and we end up unemployed. Our mothers and infants die easily. We get threatened, imprisoned, or killed.

The system makes us its subjects, and then frightens us into killing one another.

Would others understand how dehumanizing or isolating that feels? How we perpetually look around the corner in hope for real friends?

We, the Afghan Peace Volunteers, are a grassroots group of ordinary, multi-ethnic Afghans seeking a life of non-violence, equality, self-reliance and the unity of all people. As young people who make up 68% of the Afghan population, we want a better world!

We want the whole world to be borderless friends. We believe that our every hand of friendship will be an act for freedom.

Solidarity with one another, person by person, can change our unfair world. We wish for 2 Million friends, friends that would ask for the war to end.

Last Spring, when we had gathered in Kabul to remember Afghan war victims over the past four decades, a middle aged Afghan man was close to tears as he said, ‘I won’t be satisfied with remembering only the 9 children killed in Kunar province. I want us to remember all 2 million victims of war.”

This December 10th, on the International Day of Human Rights, we’ll remember the 2 million. We’ll also remember the 95 million souls lost in two World Wars, and the countless souls in Iraq, Palestine, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and other forgotten lands. We’ll hold the lessons they’ve etched in all our hearts:


‘No more.

No more.’

Oh, how we wish to live without wars!

Oh, how we wish for ‘2 Million Friends’!

Y Not Be Friends?

War, politics, money and power can jail, destroy and kill the people, but it can’t jail, destroy or kill love.

We ask to be friends, to meet every human being’s basic needs, and we ask for no more killing!

Our every hand of friendship will be an act for freedom.

In longing for a better world,

The Afghan Peace Volunteers ( Afghanistan ) ( International )

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