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Truth Out Today, Sunday Feb. 19, 2012

William Rivers Pitt | To
My Mother

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: “What has been
happening in American politics of late is entirely familiar, but I have never
experienced such a barrage of unrestrained hatred, filth and nonsense to compare
with this. It’s as if The Bastards took 100 years worth of anti-woman sentiment,
condensed it into a dense nugget of hate-crack, and hit the pipe…. Now is the
time to rise up, point at this mess, and say in a voice too loud to ignore,
‘This is why these people are not to be trusted with power. This is why they
must go.'”
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Maryland, House Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Sabrina Tavernise,
The New York Times News Service: “The Maryland House narrowly passed a law
legalizing same-sex marriage on Friday, delivering a major victory to Gov.
Martin O’Malley, a Democrat, who had proposed it. But its implementation
remained uncertain as its opponents promised to take it to voters in November….
The bill’s passage would make Maryland the eighth state to allow gay and lesbian
couples to marry. It comes a day after New Jersey’s legislature passed a similar
bill, though it was vetoed on Friday by Gov. Chris Christie.”
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US House
OKs Opening Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Oil

Lisa Demer and Richard Mauer, McClatchy Newspapers:
“The U.S. House once again passed a bill to open the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge to oil drilling, voting 237-187 Thursday on a measure expected to die in
the Senate…. In addition to ANWR drilling, the bill would also open offshore
drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific and force the approval of TransCanada’s
controversial Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Texas. All those provisions
have strong opposition among the Democrats who control the Senate.”
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May Give Hamas Extreme Makeover

Ira Chernus, Truthout: “Hamas
may be headed for an extreme makeover in the corporate mass media. Yes, Hamas,
the ‘terrorist’ Palestinian party supposedly sworn to the destruction of Israel.
At least, that’s what you’d believe if you get all your news from America’s mass
media, where virtually every article about Hamas has included that ominous
description as if it were indisputable fact. To keep up the fiction, real facts
had to be ignored … For years, Hamas has been offering Israel a ten-year
truce, and peace negotiations during that truce.”
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Politics Aren’t Local: Florida GOP Wants to Block Local Government from
Enforcing Wage and Hour Laws

Mike Elk, In These Times: “In a
break from conservatives’ typical interest in devolving power to local
governments, Florida State Republicans are pushing a bill that would forbid
local municipalities from enforcing wage and hour laws. This is because in
November 2010, South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice and a number of other
groups successfully advocated for the Miami-Dade County Wage Theft Ordinance,
considered by many to be a model wage theft law for the rest of the country.”

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Europe’s Conservative Crackdown on Reproductive Freedom

Blumgart, Toward Freedom: “Across Eastern and Central Europe, as unemployment
surges and the European Union dithers, nationalist conservative and far right
parties are on the march. Emboldened right-wing leaders are resurrecting debates
around abortion and other reproductive services, even in countries like Hungary,
one of the first European countries to explicitly legalize abortion.”
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Honduras: Our Continuing Catastrophe
Engler, Dissent Magazine: “Honduras has become a human rights disaster. The
country now has the world’s highest murder rate. And impunity for political
violence is the norm. For all this, the United States deserves a good deal of
the blame…. Lest anyone in this country think that things in Honduras have
settled into a peaceable, post-coup normality, [due to a] chain of events – a
coup that the United States didn’t stop, a fraudulent election that it accepted
– [that] has now allowed corruption to mushroom.”
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Lawmakers Defeat Prison Privatization Amid National Push for For-Profit Jails

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now!: “The
Florida State Senate has defeated a measure to privatize at least 27 prisons,
which would have created the largest corporate-run prison system in the country.
Despite the vote, Republican Gov. Rick Scott could still privatize the prisons
through executive authority. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the
number of prisoners being added to privately run jails is outpacing the overall
prison population by 17 percent compared to 4 percent.”
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Modern-Day Army Deserters Can’t Count on

Robert Wilbur, Truthout: “Military resisters have two
choices: seek conscientious objector (CO) status, or flee to Canada…. There is
the fate of service people who are denied CO status and who face a second, third
or fourth deployment – with the possibility of having their legs blown off by an
improvised explosive device or a bullet hole courtesy of our allies in the
Afghan Army, whom we are training in weaponry. If you don’t want to give up your
legs or your life, you may determine your only choice is Canada.”
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Winter of Discontent

Adam Federman, Waging Nonviolence:
“Russia’s increasingly diverse opposition movement … the longevity of the
movement, and its ability to weather the strength and pressure of the state, has
been doubted from the moment it emerged. Once the novelty of the protests had
worn off, the reasoning went, the apolitical post-Soviet generation would go
back to their cubicles, Putin and the Kremlin elite could get back to the
business of running the country, and the Russian winter would be forgotten. But
of course that hasn’t happened.”
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A Story
and a Book: On the Nature of Violence and Nonviolence

Meyer, New Clear Vision: “Amidst a bombardment of Black Bloc commentary,
questions about the militarized nature of tear-gas toting police, and the
ever-frustrating all-too-abstract dialogues about the meanings of nonviolence,
violence, strategy, tactics, and principles, comes a simple story (and a
complicated book) straight out of Occu-politics.”
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Moyers | Programming Note: Decoding the Campaigns

Moyers, Truthout: “We’re saturated with deceptive political advertising – aided
and abetted now with spending by citizens, corporations and super PACs that
seems to know no bounds. But help is on the way. This weekend, Bill asks
political communication expert Kathleen Hall Jamieson to decode the political
misinformation campaigns of 2012 thus far.”
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