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Truth Out Today, May 8, 2011

Sunday 8 May 2011

Weapons of Mass Exploitation
Ravi Batra, Truthout: “The Iraq invasion turned out to be a colossal mistake in terms of lost lives and heavy expenditures that sharply raised the federal budget deficit. However, few realize that the Bush administration made a far bigger mistake in using what may be called Weapons of Mass Exploitation or WMEs, which have all but decimated the US economy and continue to do so. A WME is a short-term financial palliative that makes the rich richer but postpones economic troubles, while seeming to cure the problems of unemployment and dwindling family incomes.”
Read the ArticleOfficers and Inmates Are Killed in Iraq Jail Revolt
Jack Healy, The New York TImes News Service: “An insurgent leader accused of plotting the deadly siege against an Iraqi church last autumn led a bloody, hours-long revolt early Sunday morning inside a Baghdad jail, security authorities said. The jail holds some of the country’s most violent terrorism suspects. Several inmates seized a cache of grenades and weapons and killed six security officers, including a high-ranking counter-terrorism official… It was the latest in a string of riots, jailbreaks and prisoner escapes that have embarrassed government officials and exposed gaping security flaws insideIraq’s detention system.”
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Is Growth Incomplete Without Social Progress?
Ejaz Ghani, Project Syndicate: “The geography of poverty and social deprivation has changed dramatically over the last two decades. More than 70% of the world’s poor now live in middle-income countries. This pattern, likely to continue into the next decade, raises important questions. Have poverty reduction and human development kept up with income growth? Is growth incomplete without social progress and gender-inclusiveness?… Deeper social disparities should never be viewed as the inevitable price of rapid growth, and more egalitarian outcomes in education, health, and gender should not be considered “second-stage” reforms.”
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While Bahrain Demolishes Mosques, US Stays Silent
Roy Gutman, McClatchy Newspapers: “In Shiite villages across this island kingdom of 1.2 million, the Sunni Muslim government has bulldozed dozens of mosques as part of a crackdown on Shiite dissidents, an assault on human rights that is breathtaking in its expansiveness. Authorities have held secret trials where protesters have been sentenced to death, arrested prominent mainstream opposition politicians, jailed nurses and doctors who treated injured protesters.”
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Honoring All Mamas on Mother’s Day
Laura Paskus, Ms. Magazine: “The Strong Families Initiative (led by Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice) is introducing Mama’s Day—a celebration of women overlooked during traditional Mother’s Day conversations: ‘In particular, we want to give love to those Mamas who are immigrants, single, young, queer or low-income. We know these Mamas are often at the core of our families and communities, but are often overlooked or worse—they are scapegoated by policy-makers and right-wing conservatives’.”
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Streets of Latin America Offer US a Roadmap for Social Change
Michael Fox, Truthout: “As the signs read in Wisconsin, the ‘sleeping giant has awoken.’ We realized that Obama can’t do it for us. We awoke to the fact that even with a ‘leftist’ in power, we must stay in the streets and continue to organize. We awoke to the essential thing that movements across Latin America learned years ago when faced with progressive governments who were supposed to represent their interests and didn’t always follow through… ‘Dancing with Dynamite’ is a roadmap, a call to action to break the simplistic dualities imposed by society and place our destinies into our own hands.”
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The Hancock 37 v. The Drones, Part Two
Nick Mottern, Truthout: “The Syracuse protesters, like antiwar protesters around the country, are in a fight to bring the reality of war into the US public consciousness in the face of real but unacknowledged press censorship of images of the wounded and dead. They are also fighting a callousness and viciousness in society that is arguably engendered by lawlessness at the top of government, evidenced in an aggressive determination to ignore international law that would prevent drone attacks in Pakistan, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.”
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Teen Moms Look for Support, But Find Only Shame
Miriam Perez, Colorlines: “It’s a compelling formula—simply stop teen girls from having kids, and these disparities disappear. But the question that remains is what’s really behind these negative outcomes? Is young pregnancy and parenting the cause, or it a correlation with other risk factors, like socio-economic status and race, that recur at all ages? That’s what Verónica Bayetti Flores of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (with which I have worked) believes.”
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The Army Is Watching Over Egypt, But Who’s Watching Over The Army?
William Fisher, The Public Record: “Mounting criticism of the way the Egyptian Army is governing Egypt grew louder yesterday with press reports that one of the country’s most prominent human rights lawyers has been arrested and will likely face a military trial. Amidst a flurry of confusion about the fate of the well-known human rights crusader, The Egyptian Daily News quoted activist Mona Saif as saying that, ‘Law professor at the American University in Cairo Amr El-Shalakany was arrested two days ago and will be tried in a military court in Suez.’ Saif is a member of ‘No for Military Trials for Civilians’ campaign, a grassroots campaign to eliminate such trials, which were allowed under the country’s 30-year Emergency Laws.”
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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Criticized for Industry Ties
Tom Zeller, Jr., The New York Times News Service: “Although the agency says plants are operating more safely today than they were at the dawn of the nuclear industry, when shutdowns were common, safety experts, Congressional critics and even the agency’s own internal monitors say the N.R.C. is prone to dither when companies complain that its proposed actions would cost time or money. The promise of lucrative industry work after officials leave the commission probably doesn’t help, critics say, pointing to dozens over the years who have taken jobs with nuclear power companies and lobbying firms.”
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