24 May

Truth Out Today, May 24, 2011

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Mark Provost | Why the Rich Love High Unemployment
Mark Provost, Truthout: “Christina Romer, former member of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, accuses the administration of ‘shamefully ignoring’ the unemployed. Paul Krugman echoes her concerns, observing that Washington has lost interest in ‘the forgotten millions.’ America’s unemployed have been ignored and forgotten, but they are far from superfluous. Over the last two years, out-of-work Americans have played a critical role in helping the richest one percent recover trillions in financial wealth.”
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Mubarak to Face Trial for Killing of Protesters
David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times News Service: “Egypt’s top prosecutor on Tuesday ordered former President Hosni Mubarak to stand trial in connection with the killing of unarmed protesters during the 18-day-revolt that forced him from power, yielding to one of the revolution’s top demands just days before many of its organizers had vowed to return to Tahrir Square for another day of protest.”
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The Indignation in Spain Rises Gently From the Plains
Kieran Manjannez, Woodchip Gazette: “For the past week, in anticipation of local elections this weekend (May 21-22), Spanish students and young people defied legal injunctions and held protests in the country’s major cities. An estimated 10,000 ‘indignados’ (indignant ones) crowded into Madrid’s Puerta del Sol plaza and published a co-ordinated Communique or Manifesto [1] on line. The protests and the expected defeat of the ‘socialists’ at the polls highlights the international nature of the economic crisis and the ideological challenges facing the would-be left.”
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Eugene Robinson | A Medicare Moment for GOP
Eugene Robinson: “Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., the architect of his party’s radical plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program, gave a lesson Sunday in stating the obvious: ‘I don’t consult polls to tell me what my principles are or what our policies should be.’ I’d suggest that Republicans with less disdain for public opinion might want to check out the height of the cliff from which Ryan would have them leap.”
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NATO Bombs Tripoli in Heaviest Strikes Yet
John F. Burns, The New York Times News Service: “In the heaviest attack yet on the capital since the start of the two-month-old NATO bombing campaign, alliance aircraft struck at least 15 targets in central Tripoli early Tuesday, with most of the airstrikes concentrated on an area around Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s command compound.”
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News in Brief: Warren Prodded to Run for US Senate Seat in Massachusetts, and More …
Push for Elizabeth Warren to run for the US Senate in Massachusetts; White House adds rapid response and progressive outreach staffer; Leahy, Paul team up to change elements of Patriot Act.
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Company Believes Three Reactors Melted Down in Japan
Hiroko Tabuchi, The New York Times: “In a belated acknowledgment of the severity of Japan’s nuclear disaster, the Tokyo Electric Power Company said Tuesday that three of the stricken Fukushima plant’s reactors likely suffered fuel meltdowns in the early days of the crisis. The plant’s operator also said that it was possible that the pressure vessels in the three stricken reactors, which house the uranium fuel rods, had been breached as well.”
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Paul Krugman | Trapped by the Euro, Yet Dependent on It
Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “Kudos to Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, for saying the unsayable, and making a case for a Greek exit from the euro. In a New York Times Op-Ed published on May 10, he wrote: ‘The experience of Argentina at the end of 2001 is instructive. For more than three and a half years Argentina had suffered through one of the deepest recessions of the 20th century….'”
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Ten Reasons Protecting Unions Is a Life-and-Death Issue
Eric Mann, Truthout: “In Wisconsin, tens of thousands of public-sector workers were going to work every day, helping the people in the DMV, hospitals, health care centers, public transportation: teachers, fire fighters, clerical workers, among others. Then, on February 11, 2011, Republican Gov. Scott Walker introduced a bill, with a Republican majority in the legislature, which would virtually eliminate public-sector unions as we know them. The bill opposed collective bargaining rights, required annual votes to ask workers if they wanted the unions to represent them and prevented unions from collecting dues automatically out of workers’ paychecks. The anti-union movement is spreading to Ohio and many other states, and we have to develop a plan to beat back the pro-corporate, anti-union forces.”
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Playing the China Card
Dilip Hiro, “Washington often acts as if Pakistan were its client state, with no other possible patron but the United States. It assumes that Pakistani leaders, having made all the usual declarations about upholding the ‘sacred sovereignty’ of their country, will end up yielding to periodic American demands, including those for a free hand in staging drone attacks in its tribal lands bordering Afghanistan. This is a flawed assessment of Washington’s long, tortuous relationship with Islamabad.”
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The Nuclear Disaster That Could Destroy Japan
Hirose Takashi, The Asia-Pacific Journal: “The nuclear power plants in Japan are aging rapidly; like cyborgs, they are barely kept in operation by a continuous replacement of parts. And now that Japan has entered a period of earthquake activity and a major accident could happen at any time, the people live in constant state of anxiety. Seismologists and geologists agree that, after some fifty years of seismic inactivity, with the 1995 Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (Southern Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake), the country has entered a period of seismic activity.”
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Obama’s Sister: What Our Mother Taught Us
Fran Korten, YES! Magazine: “In 1984, YES! Publisher Fran Korten worked alongside Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Soetoro, at the Ford Foundation’s office in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ann’s daughter, Maya, who was 14 at the time, attended the Jakarta International School with Fran’s daughters, Alicia and Diana. Maya was recently in Seattle preparing for the launch of her new children’s book, Ladder to the Moon, and Fran talked with her for the first time in 27 years.”
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