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Truth Out Today, July 26, 2012


Romney Turns a Deaf Ear to Pleas of Illinois Workers Whose Jobs Are Being
Outsourced to China by Bain

Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout:
“More than 170 workers in Freeport,

Illinois, are about to lose their jobs, outsourced to China by the majority
shareholder in their company: Bain Capital. Sensata is the name of the firm, and
the soon-to-be-former employees sent a direct appeal to Mitt Romney to get his
former colleagues to keep their plant in the United States, according to The
Associated Press.”

the BuzzFlash Commentary


Rise of the Police State and the Absence of Mass Opposition

the Article at Piazza Della Carina

Economists Say the GOP Has Abandoned Economic Reality

the Article at ThinkProgress

United States of Violent America

the Article at BuzzFlash

Good Anglo-Saxon Values for Mitt Romney

the Article at The Guardian UK

Guide to Mass Shootings in America

the Article at Mother Jones

GOP-Backed Voter ID Law Could Keep 43 Percent of Philly Voters From Polls

the Article at Talking Points Memo

of House GOP Caucus Wants to Shut Government Down Over Obama Health Care

the Article at


the News With Thom Hartmann: Chicago Is Latest City to Approve Resolution to
Overturn Citizens United; and More

today’s On the News segment:
Yesterday, Senate Republicans dropped
their filibuster and allowed an up or down vote on extending the Bush tax cuts
for 98 percent of Americans; a Japanese newspaper is reporting that plant
operators still face a number of hurdles before they can decommission the
Fukushima nuclear plant; President Obama spoke tough words on gun control
Wednesday night in a speech at the Urban League in New Orleans; Chicago is now
the latest city to approve a resolution to amend the Constitution to overturn
the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision; and more.

the Video and Read the Transcript

the Ball: Romney’s Long History of Hiding His Exorbitant, but Questionable,
Business Practices

Rasor and Jason Leopold, Truthout:
“How is it possible that, for two
decades now, Mitt Romney has successfully avoided revealing any details about
his vast wealth, has been able to manipulate and stash wealth overseas with no
public accountability, has not been held to account for his complete lack of
transparency, has painted himself as a creator of thousands of jobs even though
the public record shows business decisions he presided over resulted in the loss
of jobs because of mass wealth being scooped out of the assets of these same

the Article

Protect Democracy, the House Should Act Against Michele Bachmann’s Anti-Muslim

Naiman, Truthout:
“Rep. Michele Bachmann is using her position on the
House Intelligence Committee to promote a conspiracy theory that government
officials, including State Department official Huma Abedin, are part of a Muslim
Brotherhood plot to infiltrate the US government. Bachmann also claimed that
Rep. Keith Ellison is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. Bachmann has refused to
apologize or back down, even after prominent Republicans like Sen. John McCain
demanded that she stop.”

the Article

& A With Tom Morello: “I’ve Never Been Afraid of the Truth on My Records

Leopold, Truthout:
“After Morello’s second band, the multiplatinum,
hard rock super group Audioslave, broke up in 2007 he started recording albums
under the moniker ‘The Nightwatchman’ and reinvented himself as a ‘black Woody
Guthrie,’ he told Truthout in an interview, armed only with an acoustic guitar
and his deep baritone voice. He sang songs about corporate greed, class war and
workers’ rights. But on his fourth Nightwatchman album, ‘World Wide Rebel
Songs,’ released last summer, Morello plugged back in. Supported by a full
electric backing band called the Freedom Fighting Orchestra, Morello has
described ‘World Wide Rebel Songs’ as ‘troubled songs for troubled times.'”

the Article

Abuse, Corruption and Silence at Penn State Perpetuate a Poisonous

Rawls, AlterNet:
“As an education journalist, I have watched Jerry
Sandusky’s downfall with a mixture of horror and fascination. But as a graduate
school alumna of Penn State, it has been difficult to separate my own
experiences as a student and instructor from what I am seeing in the news. Based
on my own observations of abuse and misconduct while at Penn State – none of
them related to the football program – I have every reason to suspect that the
allegations released last November, and the punishments leveled just this week,
mark only the beginning of a long and painful fall from grace for the
institution as a whole. After all, Sandusky is just one man, but it took a
proverbial village to hide three decades of overt abuse.”

the Article

of London Olympics Shows One More Host Country’s Fetish for Displays of

Evans, Truthout:
“So, the Olympic Games are finally upon us. Whether we
perceive this global extravaganza to be a triumphant social gathering which
reveals all that is remarkable about the human spirit or yet another corporate
feast of plenty, it nevertheless provides us with a pertinent moment to evaluate
the operations of power in contemporary liberal societies. Not only does it
illustrate how our post-industrial lifestyles are increasingly defined by
‘event-based’ experiences, it also shows how terror has become normalized in the
current historical conjuncture. As securitization policies become more visible,
the corporate militarization of public space appears routine. It is even to be
applauded as a reasoned and rational choice.”

the Article

Pilger: Blair, War, Olympic Deals and a Glimpse of Another Britain

Pilger, Truthout:
“This is a story of two letters and two Britains. The
first letter was written by Sebastion Coe, the former athlete who chairs the
London Olympics Organizing Committee. He is now called Lord Coe. In the New
Statesman of 21 June, I reported an urgent appeal to Coe by the Vietnam Women’s
Union that he and his International Olympic Committee (IOC) colleagues
reconsider their decision to accept sponsorship from Dow Chemical, one of the
companies that manufactured dioxin, a poison used against the population of

the Article

Dark Money in Politics Is Bad for Women

Mason Pieklo, RH Reality Check:
“Republican lawmakers have a host of
weapons at their disposal in the battle over women’s reproductive rights, but no
weapon may have as much impact as unlimited campaign spending. How do we know
that dark money is a key to a Republican anti-woman, anti-family agenda? Just
look how hard they are fighting to protect it.”

the Article

Nature of the US Military Presence in Africa

Engelhardt and Nick Turse, TomDispatch:
“On July 12th, TomDispatch
posted the latest piece in Nick Turse’s ‘changing face of empire’ series:
‘Obama’s Scramble for Africa.’ It laid out in some detail the way in which the
U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has, in recent years, spread its influence across
that continent, establishing bases and outposts, sending in special operations
forces and drones, funding proxy forces on the continent, and so on. As last
week ended, TomDispatch received a ‘letter to the editor’ from Colonel Tom
Davis, director of the U.S. Africa Command Office of Public Affairs, disputing
in some detail a number of Turse’s points.”

the Article

and the New Media

Meister, Dick Meister’s Blog:
“The coming of the Internet has had a
profound impact on media coverage of working people and their unions. No, the
mainstream media have not expanded their generally limited and shallow labor
reporting or their generally anti-labor editorial positions. But there now are
dozens of non-mainstream websites and blogs that provide in-depth labor
coverage. The print versions of union newspapers and newsletters could never
reach the very much larger audience that’s now available via the Internet.”

the Article

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