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Truth Out Today, December 2, 2011

Friday 02 December 2011

On the News
With Thom Hartmann: Senate Republicans Vote Not to Extend Tax Cuts for
Middle-Class Americans, and More

In today’s On the News
segment: Republican’s effort to crash the economy suffered a serious blow today,
Senate Republicans voted down extending tax cuts for middle-class Americans,
Senate passed the defense authorization bill – with changes, Pew Hispanic Center
highlights inhumanity of conservative plan to deport all undocumented
immigrants, and more.
Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

William Rivers Pitt | It’s
Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas

William Rivers Pitt,
Truthout: “The ‘Christmas season’ has gone from being a fairly quaint time of
family celebration to an orgy of unbridled commercialism that, quite literally,
kills people.”
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Palast: Romney’s Billionaire Threatens BBC Investigative

Greg Palast, Truthout: “Last Monday, a call came in
to BBC Television Centre, London, from the office of Mitt Romney’s billionaire
backer and ‘advisor’ Paul Singer. Singer, top donor to the Republican Senate
Campaign Committee had a message for the news chiefs at the prestigious
broadcaster: ‘We have a file on Greg Palast.’ I bet they do.”
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Production: A Vision for Democracy at Work

Richard D. Wolff,
Truthout: “As the Occupy movement keeps developing, it seeks solutions for the
economic and political dysfunctions it exposes and opposes. For many, the
capitalist economic system itself is the basic problem. They want change to
another system, but not to the traditional socialist alternative (e.g. USSR or
China). That system, too, seems to require basic change.”
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Baker | Trends Show Women Losing Access to Jobs

Dean Baker,
Center for Economic and Policy Research: “The employment rate for women is down
0.7 percentage points from its year-ago level. The Labor Department reported a
decline of 315,000 people in the labor market in October. This was the main
factor driving a drop of 0.4 percentage points in the unemployment rate to 8.6
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“Truth-Force” Obliterates New York Police Department Barricade at Lincoln Center

Jayashri Wyatt, Truthout: “Last night, I saw the power
of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) at Lincoln Center Plaza, a public space that
activists were barricaded by the New York Police Department (NYPD) from
entering. From behind a police-patrolled barrier, I witnessed the power of the
people first hand and had a taste of authentic democratic practice.”
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Orders Troops to Return Fire if Attacked on Afghan

Saeed Shah, McClatchy Newspapers: “Pakistan’s top
military commander has issued orders to the country’s troops to return fire
should they come under attack again from U.S.-led coalition forces in a move
likely to increase tensions after last week’s American-led raid on two border
outposts that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.”
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Pilger | Once Again, War Is Prime Time and Journalism’s Role Is

John Pilger, Truthout: “The role of respectable
journalism in Western state crimes – from Iraq to Iran, Afghanistan to Libya –
remains taboo. It is currently deflected by the media theater of the Leveson
inquiry into phone hacking, which Daily Telegraph’s Benedict Brogan describes as
‘a useful stress test.'”
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Naiman | War-Weary Republicans Rebuke Romney on

Robert Naiman, Truthout: “On Wednesday night, the
Senate adopted by voice vote an amendment introduced by Oregon Democrat Jeff
Merkley calling on President Obama to speed up US military withdrawal from
Afghanistan. This was a watershed event toward ending the war.”
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Occupy the American Historical Association: Demand a WPA Federal
Writers’ Project

Jesse Lemisch, History News Network: “We
need a concrete program to face the crisis in history. As a limited, practical
and pragmatic solution for a significant piece of the problem, we need a Federal
Writers’ Project. The WPA’s FWP (1935-1943) employed 6,600 people, and
employment was its primary purpose. They came from a variety of fields,
including but not limited to history.”
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Krugman | Europe Should Beware of Leaders Peddling

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “Alan Cowell had
an interesting piece in The New York Times on Nov. 14 contrasting public
attitudes toward austerity now with attitudes toward the austerity that was the
norm in postwar Britain – and beautifully described by the late Tony Judt. As
Mr. Cowell notes, one major difference is that back then the sacrifice was
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Reich | The Rebirth of Social Darwinism

Robert Reich, Robert
Reich’s Blog: “What kind of society, exactly, do modern Republicans want? I’ve
been listening to Republican candidates in an effort to discern an overall
philosophy, a broadly-shared vision, an ideal picture of America. They say they
want a smaller government but that can’t be it.”
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Rev. Cary Gordon of Iowa wants you to know that the evangelical community
should get behind two candidates who best represent “faith and family.” In case
you don’t know of Reverend Gordon, he introduces himself in an endorsement video.

In an email received by BuzzFlash at Truthout, Gordon advocates for GOP Iowa
caucus voters to back a Rick Santorum-Michele Bachmann ticket (although caucus
attendees can only back a presidential candidate, which would be Santorum,
according to Gordon).

In his email, Gordon is just gaga over a Santorum-Bachmann ticket:

Santorum and Bachmann, Gordon says, have both pledged to reinstate the
military’s longstanding “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy against open
homosexuality, reversed earlier this year by President Obama. “Rick and Michele
would make a great GOP match, and would defend Judeo-Christian monogamy, while I
think it’s increasingly clear Gingrich simply cannot be trusted with the
institution of marriage in any sense,” Gordon said.

“I think the 2010 Esquire interview with Newt’s second ex-wife and former
mistress was very troubling,” he said. During his recorded interview, Gordon
also praised Santorum for championing a Personhood Amendment to the
Constitution, something the pastor said was necessary if Americans wished to
“stop the barbaric evil of abortion once and for all.” Gordon also stated, “Rick
Santorum is committed to rescuing this nation from economic disaster, and that’s
good news for everyone concerned about their families.”

O.K., one doesn’t know where to begin with this fantasy vision of Rick “man
on dog” Santorum, the guy who just a day or so ago expressed his opposition to
ensuring that kids with pre-existing conditions are provided health insurance.
This is the Santorum, who just a few days ago said that it is good for the poor
to struggle with hunger and poverty. This is the Santorum who is proud of
endorsements from anti-gay extremists.

Yes, Santorum would be quite a team with Michele “the British are coming”
Bachmann. Just the other day, Bachmann said it’s all right for gays to marry, as
long as they marry someone of the opposite sex. According to much speculation,
she should know, being married to Marcus “pray away the gay” Bachmann. Of
course, God told Bachmann to run, according to Bachmann. Although God hasn’t
officially weighed in on the matter, since nearly every Republican candidate
claims to have been anointed by the Lord. Bachmann shows her “divine” worthiness
by claiming that the government is forcing the teaching of evolution and,
thereby, censoring the true origins of life found in the Bible.

But Reverend Gordon shouldn’t get his hopes up for a dream team. According to
Bachmann, in an interview with CNN, she thinks Donald Trump would make a great
VP on a ticket with her as president.

Et tu, toupee?

Mark Karlin
Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout

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