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The Year Dissent Came

Joe Macare, Truthout: “2011 should be known as the year
that dissent came back with a vengeance to the USA. The Occupy movement has been
the culmination of a year of protest in a country that has not often been
comfortable with mass political action…. 2011 has fundamentally changed the
terms of the debate: that it’s the 99% who will define what change we want, what
our world will look like and how to get there.”
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Leave Offenses Off the Books to Keep Crime Rates Down

Baker and Joseph Goldstein, The New York Times News Service: “Crime victims in
New York sometimes struggle to persuade the police to write down what happened
on an official report. The reasons are varied. Police officers are often busy,
and few relish paperwork. But in interviews, more than half a dozen police
officers, detectives and commanders also cited departmental pressure to keep
crime statistics low.”
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Waits Before Asking for Increase in Debt Limit

Mark Landler,
The New York Times News Service: “President Obama agreed on Friday to delay a
request to Congress to expand the government’s borrowing authority by $1.2
trillion, allowing lawmakers time to return from recess and register their views
on it. The delay, which a White House official said would be only a few days,
will not jeopardize the operations of the government, as last summer’s impasse
over the debt ceiling did.”
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Friends in High Places: Triad of Business, Cops and Politicians Attack

Carl Finamore, CounterPunch: “A political campaign by
San Francisco’s well-heeled ‘property owners’ was launched to influence police
and politicians to aggressively demobilize Occupy SF and to dismantle their
encampments…. As we see from the San Francisco example, it is the economic
establishment and their political cronies that unleashed police violence and it
is that layer that must be overcome before the majority enjoys any real economic
and social justice.”
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Obama to Stop Rush to Iran War

Ray McGovern and Elizabeth
Murray, Consortium News: “A torrent of war propaganda against Iran is flooding
the American political scene as U.S. neocons and Israeli hardliners see an
opening for another war in the Middle East…. President Obama needs to put an
abrupt halt to the game of Persian Roulette about to spin out of control in the
Persian Gulf.”
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War: Reaffirmation or the End of US Exceptionalism?

Rodriguez, Dr. Cintli’s Blog: “In the United States, the most significant event
of 2011 hands down should have been the withdrawal of the last U.S. troops from
Iraq. But for most Americans, the end of this illegal and immoral war and
occupation hardly registers a ripple. The reason: the continued belief in
American exceptionalism.”
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Party Line, Nuclear Style

Gregg Levine, “As
we close out 2011, readers of this space will likely not be surprised to hear
the following: The crisis at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility
continues and continues to poison the planet; accidents and events at nuclear
reactors across the United States continue at a headshaking pace; the nuclear
industry continues its full-court press against any new safety rules that might
spring from lessons learned from Fukushima or the domestic events.”
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Cracks the Public Consciousness in 2011

Abrahm Lustgarten,
ProPublica: “This was the year that ‘fracking’ became a household word…. In a
landmark finding, the Environmental Protection Agency concluded that hydraulic
fracturing was the likely culprit in a spate of groundwater contamination that
had forced residents to stop using their water … This was also the year fracking
went global. While France banned fracking outright and South Africa enacted a
temporary moratorium, multi-national energy companies began exploring shale
reserves in Poland, Argentina and China.”
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Back, Moving Forward: 2011 Year in Review

Andrew Stelzer,
National Radio Project: “From Egypt to Wisconsin, and from Wall Street to any
town USA, 2011 was a year in which people raised their voices to call for
justice. As we head into 2012, there’s optimism about the possibilities for
change. On this edition, we look back at some the most important issues of 2011:
attacks on organized labor, the Egyptian revolution, and the struggle to address
climate change.”
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Solomon: Uncle Sam Is Making the Wrong Choices

Solomon, “Charities and other nonprofits are struggling to
cope with deep economic wounds that have been festering for years. The dire
consequences are far more widespread than private agencies can possibly heal….
Only the federal government can use the Keynesian tool of deficit spending to
bring down unemployment. But Washington is paralyzed by ideology. Job stimulus
funding, inadequate from the outset, has dwindled. And the momentum is moving in
the wrong direction.”
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