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Sunday 05 June 2011

Dr. Cornel West: Greetings From a 21st-Century Prophet
Max Eternity, Truthout: “Even after the … hip, hip, hurrah of President Obama’s ordered assassination of Osama bin Laden, a cornucopia of catastrophic socioeconomic horrors still face this nation… endless war, long-term unemployment, swelling prison populations and multiple years of record-breaking home foreclosures… But they won’t be here to stay if a certain brilliant, black man of prophetic word and deed can help it – namely, Dr. Cornel West. West equates America’s banking elite with gangsters and deplores President Obama’s choice to surround himself with their minions… This well-heeled phalanx of criminals is, in West’s view, to blame for many, if not most, of America’s current ills.”
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Rejoicing Amidst Confusion in Yemen as Leader Goes to Saudi Arabia
Robert F. Worth, The New York Times News Service: “Yemen’s embattled president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, arrived in Saudi Arabia on Saturday for urgent medical treatment of wounds sustained in a bold attack on the presidential compound, Saudi officials said, abruptly shifting the political calculus that has allowed him to cling to power despite months of protest and violence. On Sunday in the capital of Sana, Yemenis crowded into Change Square to celebrate.”
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Secret Cash: The Worst Political Scandal of All
Michael Winship, Truthout: “Give me a scandal, any scandal, and I’ll show you how the corrosive influence of money on politics is at its root and makes what’s bad even worse (okay, maybe not in the case of Anthony Weiner — yet)… Citizens United and other court decisions that have unleashed a monster of unlimited and frequently anonymous private and corporate campaign cash against a nearly defenseless citizenry… The Greeks had a word for it – ‘oligarchy’ – political clout based on economic dominance.”
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Robert Reich | Why Washington Isn’t Doing Squat About Jobs and Wages
Robert Reich, Robert Reich’s Blog: “The silence is deafening. While the rest of the nation is heading back toward a double dip, Washington continues to obsess about future budget deficits. Why? Republicans don’t want to do anything about jobs and wages… Democrats, meanwhile, don’t want to admit the recovery has stalled…. But there’s a third reason for Washington’s inaction. It’s not being talked about – which is itself evidence of the problem. The unemployed are politically invisible. They don’t make major campaign donations. They don’t lobby Congress. There’s no National Association of Unemployed People.”
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After 30 Years of AIDS, Treatment Gap Still Feeds the Epidemic
Julianne Hing, Colorlines: “On the cusp of the 30th anniversary of the discovery of AIDS, a new report from UNAIDS says there is reason to be hopeful that the global response to HIV and AIDS is having some positive impact. A record number of people – 1.4 million – started treatment for HIV or AIDS in 2010, and the pace of new infections has slowed significantly. Between 2001 and 2009, new HIV infections declined by 25 percent around the world. But according to the organization, an estimated 34 million people are living with HIV and nearly 30 million have died because of AIDS-related illnesses.”
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Labor Law Reform – A Key Battle for Mexican Unions Today
David Bacon, Institute for Transnational Change: “Changing Mexico’s labor law threatens the lives of millions of workers. It would cement the power of a group of industrialists who have been on the political offensive for decades, and who now control Mexico’s presidency and national government… In part, the change is drastic because on paper, at least, the rights of Mexican workers are extensive, deriving from the Revolution that ended in 1920. At a time when workers in the U.S. still had no law that recognized the legality of unions, Article 123 of the Mexican Constitution spelled out labor rights.”
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Food for Revolution
Harold James, Project Syndicate: “This year, the G-8ers are talking about interesting but peripheral issues, such as the economic impact of the Internet. Worse, they are talking about important issues, like food security, in a peripheral way… The issue of food is, however, intimately tied to a host of much broader economic issues, which the international community is not properly addressing. Even though the global economy today looks relatively robust in general, international economic cooperation is more fragile now than at any moment in the post-1945 world.”
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Pentagon Using Drug Wars as Excuse to Build Bases in Latin America
John Lindsay-Poland, New America Media: “Under the auspices of the drug war, the United States is returning to its historical pattern of using Central America and the Caribbean for its own military and strategic purposes. Even as a growing chorus of voices throughout Latin America argue that military responses to drug trafficking are ineffective against the narcotics trade and exacerbate existing human rights abuses and official corruption, the U.S. military presence in the region is growing.”
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Gates Urges Afghans to Take More Security Responsibilities
Hashim Shukoor, McClatchy Newspapers: “Secretary of Defense Robert Gates made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan Saturday and said that Afghan security forces must take more responsibilities for a successful transition from U.S.-led NATO forces starting in July. The security transition is scheduled to begin in scattered locations across Afghanistan in July to pave the way toward a complete withdrawal of NATO troops by the end of 2014.”
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A Tale of Two Raids
John Feffer, Foreign Policy in Focus: “They were both responsible for thousands of civilian deaths in causes they believed were righteous. They both occupied top spots on the World’s Most Wanted list. They were both the subject of raids that were years in the making and required extensive intelligence work. But in all other respects – and particularly in the messages they sent to the international community – the operations against Ratko Mladic and Osama bin Laden couldn’t have been more different.”
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