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Wednesday, 19 June 2013 t r u t h o u t

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Congressman Clears White House of Any Involvement With IRS/Tea Party Scandal

Thom Hartmann, The Thom Hartmann Program: A massive leak of poisonous waste-water in Alberta, Canada from fracking has killed every plant and tree in a 1,000 acre area; California lawmakers attempt to regulate the fracking industry by demanding more information on the use of acid in the fracking process, and more.

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William Rivers Pitt | You, Terrorist

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: As concerned citizens across the nation protest against the Keystone XL pipeline, TransCanada continues to paint peaceful activists as criminals or terrorists, using the rhetoric of national security.

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Capitalism in Crisis: Our Opportunity for a New System

Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Truthout: An exploration of alternatives to our current economic structure, which is rapidly collapsing under the weight of its own inequality. As our social and environmental situation becomes a crisis, we must adapt to transform our social systems to be more just and sustainable at the same time.

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Life in the Rural Police State of Monsanto

Richard Schiffman, Truthout: Farmers across the US fight against the intrusive measures of big agricultural corporations as companies like Monsanto force their genetically modified and legally patented seeds on growers across the country. While the local food movement is key to the fight, political action is also key.

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What We Owe Michael Hastings

Joe Macaré, Truthout: Real reporting is the poorer for Michael Hastings’ passing, and it was in pretty rough shape already. We have to do better. We owe it to him.

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Obamacare’s Relentless Creation of Second-Class Citizens (Part II)

Lambert Strether, Naked Capitalism: This continuing analysis of Obamacare reveals more examples of how the system functions as a hierarchy, continuing to create and separate first- and second-class citizens in a system the claims to be about equality.

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Turkey Needs a “Labor Rights Spring”

John Logan, Truthout: One backdrop to the anti-government protests in Turkey this month is the Erdogan government’s repression of workers’ rights to organize and strike. Anti-unionism is a longstanding trend in the country which continues under Turkish subsidiaries of supposedly worker-friendly multinationals such as DHL and IKEA.­

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Are Nonviolent Protesters Now Labeled “Terrorists”?

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: Large corporations are now using the PATRIOT Act against American citizens by accusing protesters and activists working against the TransCanada Keystone pipeline of being terrorists.

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From Greenwald to Assange: Prosecuting Our Watchdogs of Democracy

J. Andres Araiza, While many whistleblowers are on trial, some are calling for the prosecution of the journalists who published leaked documents. It seems that under the Obama administration, there is a fine line between being a watchdog of democracy and being a traitor.

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Vindicated: USMA Officer Upholds Tradition of Christian Privileging in the Military

Blake Page, Free Thought Blogs: A commissioning ceremony at West Point over Memorial Day weekend vindicates Page’s decision to leave West Point for its failure to uphold church-state separation and join the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

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The Consequences of Legalizing “GI Jesus Tourette’s Syndrome”

Mikey Weinstein, AlterNet: As the military abuses religious morality and superiority to push an agenda of war, destruction and modern imperialism, it is the American people – believers and non-believers – who suffer in the end.

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