22 May

Truth Out Today, 22 May 2012

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Henry A. Giroux | The Occupy
Movement and the Politics of Educated Hope

Henry A. Giroux,
Truthout: “We live at a time when the crisis of politics is inextricably
connected to the crisis of education and agency…. Against such hard times for
the promise of democracy, the Occupy movement offers an incisive language of
analysis and hope, a renewed sense of political commitment, different democratic
visions and a politics of possibility.”
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HQ Shut Down by Anti-NATO Summit Protesters to Cap Week of

Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: “On Monday, May 21, the
streets in front of Boeing’s corporate headquarters were eerily similar to those
in other countries where Boeing operates its defense business: bodies lying
immobile on the ground, armed law enforcement ready to bring out reinforcements
and the constant shuttering of media paraphernalia. But the scene wasn’t taking
place in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. The bodies on the ground were in downtown
Chicago, part of a ‘die-in’ and protest outside of the defense contractor’s
office as part of the week of action against the NATO summit coming to Chicago,
and joined by several hundred police officers that were part of the beefed-up
enforcement around protests during the summit.”
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UN Chief
Says Iran Deal Near on Inspecting Key Atomic Site

Cowell, Jodi Rudoren and Thomas Erdbrink, The New York Times News Service: “On
the eve of international talks in Baghdad over Iran’s disputed nuclear program,
the leader of the United Nations nuclear monitoring arm announced what appeared
to be a significant concession from Tehran, saying that, despite unspecified
differences, he expected a deal ‘quite soon’ on arrangements for an
investigation into potential military applications of the program. The comments
by Yukiya Amano, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency,
came after his first visit to Iran since his appointment in 2009.”
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Corporate Lobbying Group Asks Supreme Court Not to Use
“Empirical Evidence” When Reconsidering Citizens United

Fang, Republic Report: “Late last year, the Montana high court, citing the
state’s long history of corporate money corrupting politics, defied the US
Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and continued enforcing the state’s
100-year old law banning corporate involvement in state elections. The Supreme
Court has blocked the Montana court’s decision pending on its own determination
as to whether to formally hear the case this fall. Allowing a full argument in
matter could allow the Court to reconsider the merits of the Citizens United
decision, which opened the doors to unlimited corporate and union involvement in
American elections.”
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Attacks Can’t Save the G8’s Bacon

Nick Mottern, Truthout:
“Many of the G8 countries – comprised of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the
United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Russia – are former colonial
powers that have thrived by capturing at gunpoint basic mineral, petroleum and
agriculture resources around the world, paying relatively little and thus
subsidizing their corporations and their national economies. Right now, the G8
interest in Afghanistan is undoubtedly related to investment potential in
minerals, as well as overland routes for oil, gas and electric lines.”
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Christine Cegelis | We Must Reduce Our Prison

Christine Cegelis, Truthout: “There is probably no
greater waste of our taxpayer money than the increased incarceration of our
population. The state of Illinois had a prison population of 7,326 inmates in
1970; in 2012, the number has risen to over 48,000. Over that period of time,
the state’s population has grown only by 12 percent. The average cost of
incarceration is approximately $30,000 a year, and our Department of Corrections
(DOC) has a budget of over $1.5 billion.”
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Wisconsin Recall Roundup: Members of Congress Raise Questions
About Governor Walker’s 2011 Testimony

Mary Bottari, PR
Watch: “Three Democratic members of the House Oversight Committee wrote to
Chairman Darrell Issa requesting that he obtain clarification from Wisconsin
Governor Scott Walker of his testimony before the Committee on April 14, 2011,
in light of a new videotape that surfaced recently that appears to contradict
his statements.”
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Koch + Roger Ailes = Ohio University?

Robert Greenwald, Brave
New Foundation: “Why would the esteemed Ohio University host a talk by the likes
of Roger Ailes? Maybe we should ask one of the talk’s patrons, Charles Koch.
Ailes, of Fox News fame, is giving his talk today. The guy who invited him says
the point was to get ‘perhaps the most influential newsman in America’ to spark
a discussion about ‘free speech and the media,’ particularly given OU’s
‘first-rate school of journalism.’ But Roger Ailes isn’t a newsman and doesn’t
do journalism. He does political advocacy that’s (very) thinly disguised as
journalism. As Eric Boehlert of Media Matters says, ‘places of higher learning
shouldn’t help perpetuate the Fox myth while turning a blind eye to the lasting
damage Ailes’s enterprise is doing to journalism and to our national
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Krugman | Europe’s Leaders Double Down on a Failed

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “I guess we knew
this was coming, but in the face of the French and Greek election results and
the broader evidence that Europe’s economic strategy is an utter failure, the
usual suspects are, you guessed it, doubling down. Simon Wren-Lewis, an
economics professor at Oxford, has looked on in horror as the Dutch have agreed
on completely unnecessary austerity measures, as a way of showing their
commitment to Europe’s totally misguided fiscal pact.”
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Industry Aims to Block Zero-Carbon Building Goal

Gallucci, Inside Climate News: “The natural gas industry and some allies are
working behind the scenes in Washington to block a green building rule that was
expected to be a national model for carbon-neutral construction. The rule,
called Fossil Fuel-Generated Energy Consumption Reduction, would zero out
fossil-fuel use – coal, fuel oil and natural gas – in all new and renovated
federal buildings by 2030.”
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Robinson | The NAACP’s Relevance Step

Eugene Robinson, The
Washington Post Writers Group: “With its support for gay marriage, the NAACP …
[t]he nation’s most venerable civil rights organization has made itself relevant
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Evangelicals: Voting Bloc or Mosaic?
Pally, Truthout: “The moment Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race,
one question left standing was whether Mitt Romney could win the votes of
Santorum enthusiasts, those who identify as ‘very conservative’ or as
evangelicals – as though evangelicals, 26 percent of the US population, are a
mono vocal bloc of conservative, religious outliers.”
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I’m Fed Up With Advocates of Charter Schools and
Vouchers: Public Schools Made America Great

Mark Karlin,
BuzzFlash at Truthout: “Saying there is a crisis in public education is like
saying we have an immigration problem. We don’t have an ‘immigration’ problem;
we have a society that wants to make sure that more brown-skinned people don’t
enter the US and quicken the timetable for whites becoming a minority in
America. Similarly, we don’t have a public education problem; we have a problem
of education in poor areas where there are no jobs and in areas that have
endured social neglect, but is this anything new?”
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A Message to Girls About Religious Men Who Fear You
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FCC Violation: Milwaukee Radio Stations Accused of Giving Governor
Walker Free Air Time
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The Romney Campaign in Arizona: Craven Is as Craven
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Rush Limbaugh in a Downward Spiral?
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How JPMorgan Is Like Enron
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Homosexual Final Solution: Pastor Wants Homosexuals Put Into
Concentration Camps
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Definite Intention: The Case Against Presidential
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