23 Nov

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Walkouts, Protests Hit Walmart Nationwide on Biggest Shopping Day of the Year

 Yana Kunichoff, Truthout: The importance of the protest is not only in the arguably modest number of protesters, but also in the opponent.

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Want to Help Small Businesses? Bring on Taxmaggedon

Salvatore Babones, Truthout: Contrary to public perceptions, low-tax America has among the lowest rates of entrepreneurship in the world. Taxmaggedon would help most small businesses and begin to restore a sane level of taxation on America’s wealthy.

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Americans Want Leadership Now on Real Cliffs: Jobs and Human Survival

Paul Street, Truthout: No matter how difficult, we need to tell the truth about our dehumanizing, destructive economy, drop the politicking on the so-called “fiscal cliff,” and solve the problems of climate change and unemployment.

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Reflecting on My Visits to Families in Exhausted Iraq

Cathy Breen, Voices for Creative Nonviolence: “We are helpless and hopeless, but we are adapting,” a doctor told a volunteer traveling in Baghdad this month.

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Will President Obama Restore the Rule of Law During His Second Term?

Stephen Rohde, Truthout: The contrast between Obama’s campaign promises and his performance in office during his first term is stark.

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How Renewable Energy Is Rescuing Schools From Budget Cuts

Erin L. McCoy, YES! Magazine: Educators across the country are finding millions of dollars in savings through cheap and simple forms of renewable energy.

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117 ALEC Members Voted Out of Office in 2012

Rebecca Wilce, PRWatch: Legislators’ membership in and support of the American Legislative Exchange Council has become a public campaign issue.

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Kurdish Prisoners End Mass Hunger Strike

Paul Jay, The Real News Network: The Kurdish movement is the greatest challenge to the neoliberal, conservative Turkish government, says international development scholar Baris Karaagac.

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