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Wednesday 13 June 2012

On the News With Thom Hartmann: Department of Justice to Take Florida to Court Over Purge of Democratic Voters, and More
In today’s On the News segment: Obama is drinking the free trade Kool-Aid, a new right-wing group is trying to get other states on board with their own mass voter purges, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon faced off with the Senate Banking Committee today, and more.
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Chris Hayes’ Twilight of the Elites: A Review
Alexis Goldstein, Live to Try: “At its heart, Twilight of the Elites is an indictment of the meritocracy – or what passes for it. This leads me to the major question the book left me with: how is it possible to have a more equal society while simultaneously maintaining meritocracy, which portends the existence of an elite? In my mind, meritocracy will always tend towards corruption, as the elite will construct ‘merit’ to mean whatever it needs to mean in order to keep themselves in power.”
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Lakoff and Wehling | Why Did Walker Win Wisconsin?
George Lakoff and Elisabeth Wehling, Truthout: “The Wisconsin recall vote should be put in a larger context. What happened in Wisconsin started well before Scott Walker became governor and will continue as long as progressives let it continue. The general issues transcend unions, teachers, pensions, deficits and even wealthy conservatives and Citizens United. Where progressives argued policy … conservatives argued morality from their perspective and many working people who shared their moral views voted with them and against their own interests. Why? Because morality is central to identity and, hence, trumps policy.”
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Trial Continues in OWS Trinity Church Trespass Case
John Knefel, Truthout: “The second day of what is commonly known as either the ‘D17’ or the ‘Forgive us our trespasses’ trial concluded on Tuesday … The case revolves around events that happened on and around December 17 of 2011, when members of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) entered a fenced-off lot known as Duarte Square. Of the many who were arrested that day, eight remain on trial, as the others have either had their cases dismissed or accepted some sort of plea deal.”
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The Swap Crisis
Darwin Bond-Graham, Dollars and Sense: “Local governments and agencies across the United States have been caught in a perfect storm that has turned their ‘brilliant’ hedging instruments into golden handcuffs. The result is something of a second bailout for the Wall Street banks on the other sides of these deals. Perhaps worst of all has been the double standard set by the federal government.”
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America: Where It’s Easier to Get a Gun Than Good Mental Health Care
Valerie Tarico, AlterNet: “When someone kills – we ask why? It’s a worthy question. A part of the answer that haunts me (because it seems so preventable) is the way we choose as a society to prioritize our resources. We build for-profit prisons across the country, with lock-up room for minor drug offenders. But while prisons are growing, prevention and treatment services are disappearing.”
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Robert Reich | Why the Economy Can’t Get Out of First Gear
Robert Reich, Robert Reich’s Blog: “Rarely in history has the cause of a major economic problem been so clear yet have so few been willing to see it…. The answer is in front of our faces. It’s because American consumers, whose spending is 70 percent of economic activity, don’t have the dough to buy enough to boost the economy – and they can no longer borrow like they could before the crash of 2008.”
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Congress Should Restore US Investors’ Rights to Take Foreign Fraudsters to Court
Jeffrey McCord, Truthout: “Fraud against US investors by companies listed on non-American exchanges is inevitable in a world of global financings in which all roads seem to lead to US pension funds and retirees. It is time for Congress to overturn a misguided, anti-consumer Supreme Court decision (Morrison v. National Australia Bank) that eliminated US investors’ ability to take action in US courts against foreign companies that defraud them in the United States.”
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The Army’s Flawed Resilience-Training Study: A Call for Retraction
Roy Eidelson and Stephen Soldz, Truthout: “Military leadership is pursuing intervention efforts aimed at … increasing soldiers’ psychological resilience to combat exposure. The largest of these new initiatives is the Army’s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) program, launched in 2009 and based upon the ‘positive psychology’ framework of psychologist Martin Seligman. And that brings us to the bad news: despite the overhyped claims of CSF’s leading proponents, at this point, there is little evidence to suggest that CSF works.”
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Election Countdown 2012: Labor Launches a Campaign to Register 500,000 New Union Voters, and More
In today’s Election Countdown 2012 news: Labor has launched an “unprecedented” campaign to register 500,000 new union voters in key states; Florida’s attorney general wants to add more chemicals to the list of banned substances; hundreds of women protesters fill the Capitol building in Michigan for women’s rights; Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett will give a long-term $1.7 billion state tax break for a planned Marcellus Shale gas petrochemical refinery; and more.
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Bob Pollin: Will Military Budget Cuts Weaken Defense and Lose Jobs?
Paul Jay, The Real News Network: “This is the second in our series of interviews with Bob Pollin about what would a new industrial policy look like for the United States, and dealing with the fact that there already is one, except it comes out of the Pentagon – militarism as an industrial policy. Now joining us from Amherst, Massachusetts, to continue our discussion is Bob Pollin. He’s codirector of the PERI institute there.”
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Leaked Memo Indicates Obama to Give Transnational Corporations Governmental Powers Superseding US Sovereignty
Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: “At one time, when anyone talked about how the attendees at Bilberberg conferences were creating a new world financial order, I thought that they were wearing a tin hat and getting transmissions from Mars. And I still think Lyndon LaRouche is some sort of political zombie, whose followers have entered a twilight zone. But….”
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Thanks to Citizens United, Political Consultants Receive Big Win This Election Season
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Democrats Hold on to Arizona Congressional Seat
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Ex-Loan Officer Claims Wells Fargo Targeted Black Communities for Shoddy Loans
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The Obama Administration Is Criminalizing Investigative Reporting
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US Military Is Using Lightweight Mini-Drones Launched From Battlefield
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New Ad Campaign Features Three-Star General and Veterans Against a Military Ban on Abortion Coverage
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Katrina vanden Heuvel | Resolve to Overturn Citizens United Spreads Through the States
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