19 Aug

Timeline of the deadliest attacks in Iraq since the start of 2009

Residents gather at the site of a truck bomb attack outside the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baghdad.

By Jenny Booth, Time, August 19, 2009


Bombers struck central Baghdad today in seven co-ordinated attacks that have killed an estimated 100 people and wounded 250 more.

The blasts, which are being blamed on dissident Sunnis, are the latest in a series of attacks that appear to have grown more savage and more frequent since the Shia-led Iraqi government took over control of security from foreign troops earlier this year.

Here is a timeline of the deadliest attacks in Iraq since the start of 2009

Aug 10: 51 people die in wave of bombings in the Mosul and Baghdad areas

Aug 7: 37 dead in a car bomb blast outside a Shia mosque in Mosul; 10 dead in Baghdad

July 31: 29 dead in string of bombings against Shia mosques around Baghdad

July 9: 35 die in a double suicide attack in the northern town of Tal Afar

June 30: 33 killed in car bombing in a popular market in oil-rich northern city of Kirkuk

June 24: 62 people die in Baghdad’s predominantly Shia neighbourhood of Sadr City when a bomb in a motorcycle rickshaw explodes

June 20: 72 people killed and more than 200 wounded in a truck bombing in Taza Kharmatu, south of Kirkuk

May 20: 40 dead in car bombing in Shula, northwest Baghdad

April 29: 51 die as three car bombs rip through markets in Sadr City

April 24: 65 people, including 20 Iranian pilgrims, killed by 2 suicide bombers outside Baghdad’s Shia Al-Kadhim shrine

April 23: 56 people, mostly Iranian pilgrims, are killed by a suicide bomber in a restaurant in Muqdadiyah northeast of Baghdad; 28 killed by a woman suicide bomber in Baghdad.

April 6: 34 people die in car bombings in mainly Shia districts of Baghdad

March 23: 25 people die in a suicide bombing in Jalawla, northeast of Baghdad.

March 10: 33 tribal leaders and army officers killed by suicide bomber in Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad

March 8: 28 people killed by suicide bomber at a Baghdad police academy

Feb 13: 35 pilgrims, mainly women and children, die when a woman suicide bomber strikes near the central city of Hilla

Jan 4: 35 pilgrims killed by a woman suicide bomber at a Baghdad religious procession.

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