18 May

The world will end Today!!!!

A Christian group in the US claims to have deciphered the Bible and is warning that the world will end this weekend.

The McGlynn: Damn it! What hour?! I have things to do this Saturday!


But first I have to have a dead tree cut down before it falls on my neighbor’s garage! Should be down by 6:00 pm. Hopefully! 

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You didn’t listen. 6:00 pm is the witching hour. I think that is what we should call it. This strange man says he will spend the day watching it happen around the world as 6:00 pm comes to different areas. Strange, indeed.


Where they are going, they won’t need their bank acounts,houses, or cars. They should leave it all to me because time is running out. Rosalie.

Sean McGlinn

I’d love to see their faces on May 21st. Nothing happens, they all go back to work, hilarity ensues.


Sorry, Doomsdayers: the Vedas give the date of the next partial devastation of the universe at some billions of years from now. That’s the end of Lord Brahma’s 12-hour day, which is calculated to last 1000 catur-yugas, or 4,320,000,000 years. Then comes his 12-hour night, which lasts the same 4-billion-plus years. Upon arrival of his day, the planets caught up in the devastation are created again.

The “final” desvastation takes place at the end of this particular Brahma’s life, which is 311 trillion years long. (Our Lord Brahma is about 50 years old, which by our calculations means that he’s lived somewhere in the neighborhood of 155 trillion years.) Then the material universes (there’s a Lord Brahma in each of the countless material universes) are merged into the pradhana (unmanifest material energy) for many eons, only to be manifest again, when the whole cycle begins anew. I could write something about Maha Vishnu lying down in the causal ocean on Ananta Sesa, and how the universes appear with his exhalation and disappear with his inhalation, but I think you get the picture: we’re talking about vast, vast expanses of time for the creation and annihilation of the material world. The Christian view resembles teaching such time scales to toddlers, really, which is why they get it so wrong – again, and again, and again.

John McGlinn





The point is that this material creation takes place over a vast expanse of time, not a mere several thousands of years, as some believe. The Vedic texts of ancient India describe cosmic time-lines corroborated fairly closely by modern science. The late astronomer Carl Sagan said “Carl Sagan stated, “Vedic Cosmology is the only one in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology.”


Woops: “Carl Sagan said “Carl Sagan stated,””. Sorry about that. Carl likes to talk about himself posthumously in third person….


Oh well, at least Carl Sagan got the idea…. 🙂

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Pancha, oh well, no one believes me. Myw dear wife, my children, my grandchildren, my siblings, etc., etc. Brenna is the only one and she even qualifies her believing with “it depends”. cdd

toptan sat??

Oh well, at least Carl Sagan got the idea…. 🙂 xxs

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