26 Sep

The West Bank Interactive Map – Reality vs. Propaganda

By: marsdragon

On September 26 the peace talks will likely break down. Not that they were very likely to yield much in the first place. The “moratorium” on the Settlements was not much of a “freeze” in the first place.

I think a lot of people in America have very little real perspective on what we are talking about here when we say “Settlements.”

The majority of Palestinians (and people of the world) want Israel to return to pre-1967 borders, allow all Palestinian refugees throughout the world return to the West Bank or Gaza Strip, and allow the creation of an Independent State of Palestine.

In other words, GIVE THE PALESTINIANS WHAT THE ISRAELIS THEMSELVES GAINED IN 1948! A Free and Independent nation, with their own right to settle in the land, with their own right to establish their own economy and govern their own affairs. In exchange, there will be peace.

Now, there will be a lot of commentary, handwringing, explanations, and 11 dimensional chess in response. People will talk about “security” and “legitimacy” and “right to exist” etc.

But the Palestinians are like the South Africans in Shanty towns or Native Americans on the Trail of Tears – broken, impoverished, half-starving, outgunned, and hemmed into squalor and destitution.

The “compromise” that Israel is suggesting is that it be allowed to continue to build its settlements at breakneck pace, and that whatever land is leftover, the Palestinians can have as some form of “reservation” style province. Of course, Israel would control all imports, exports, tax receipts, and communications/airwaves licensing. In other words – a command and control economy governed out of Tel Aviv and imposed upon the newly “free” state of Palestine.

Don’t believe me? Think the West Bank is ready to be free?

Don’t take my word for it. Look at this interactive map for yourself. You can look at the 1967 lines. Then you can look at the WALL that Israel built to change the facts on the ground (in other words, a WALL speaks louder than the political boundaries drawn in 1967 on a map). Then, you can add layers. Add the Israeli Settlement Layers.Go for it.

The Interactive Map

If Israel plans on KEEPING those settlements, then I think we all have to agree that there will NEVER be a free and independent Palestinian State in the West Bank. It will be a series of reservations and open-air encampments connected by military checkpoints garrisoned with Israeli soldiers.

This plan was called the Galili Plan – to carve up and divide the West Bank with settlements and to use the natural hilly geology and geography against the Palestinians. For Israel to bide its time for as long as possible to create such a patchwork of ensconced Israeli settlements that the only land left would be a patchwork of open-air zones connected by single militarized corridors with checkpoints and outposts.

This plan has been working since the earl 70s. So, when President Obama says that Israel “should” extend the “freeze” on settlements, I think people MUST realize that he is completely missing the entire point. This Kabuki theater only works in Israel’s favor.

FYI – this interactive map was put together and hosted by an ISRAELI JEWISH ORGANIZATION dedicated to PEACE. So, as the claims of anti-semitism fly (I must be a self-hater), just remember that during the Bush II Tyranny, claims of “unAmerican” and “Traitor” were hurled at plenty of Americans who had served in uniform but still objected to the war.

In fact, I believe those claims were hurled at then Senator Barack Obama. So, its time TRUTH got out there. There are Israelis on the Left who are being jailed for speaking out. There are Israelis on the Left who are fighting and dying for peace. They are expending resources and risking their lives to bring this information to everyone who reads this and looks at the map. Please remember that the enemy of PEACE is HATRED – particularly RELIGIOUS HATRED.

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