08 Jun

The Last War Crime

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“The Last War Crime” Trailer
A new feature film written and directed by The Pen

Dear The McGlynn,

All the while we’ve been hard at work on the post production, you’ve
been asking ask us again and again, when can we see The Last War
Crime movie? Now that it’s finished, we are not going to hold up The
Last War Crime for 5 seconds. After all, it’s about indicting Cheney
for torture . . . and isn’t that something billions of people want to

So here’s what we’re going to do:

We just set up a special page where you can pre-order your movie
tickets. And just as soon as we have 200 ticket requests in your area
we’ll set up a screening of The Last War Crime for you in a real
theater where it belongs, with full surround sound so you can really
hear our music score recorded with some of the top real live UNION
string players in Los Angeles. It’s as simple as that.

Last War Crime Ticket Orders:

There are at least three great reasons why you need to order your
tickets for The Last War Crime NOW.

First, we recognize there is an ongoing campaign even as we speak to
sell the American people after the fact on torture. Cheney has his
syncophants all over the Sunday talk shows trying to run interference
for any potential prosecution, lying their buns off that torture got
us great intelligence to make us safer. And The Last War Crime is in
large part a counter to that, because the truth is the exact
diametrical opposite. Torture only got them false confessions which
were then trumped up to justify a war with Iraq. That is the truth
that the American people need to hear and we are telling that story.

Second, we already have a number of distributors watching this
project. And what they are waiting for of course is for this project
to break out somewhere, to make a splash, to light a fire so to speak
on its own. By pre-ordering your tickets now, and by filling the
seats when we screen in your area, we can show these distributors the
tremendous interest in this project. You can literally help us get
this movie into a full wide release theatrical exhibition by ordering
your tickets for these shows as soon as possible.

And third, we want to get going on the next movie right away. The
reason we have put so much energy into making The Last War Crime is
we see it as a critical initiative to change the way people think,
which will lead directly to more real policy change than just about
anything else we can do.

The next film we have planned will be called “Citizens United”, and
it will be a story of the scandalous corruption of the Supreme Court
and corporate malfeasance. We spent your kind donations very wisely
we think on the first movie, while at the same time employing and
giving opportunities to many good progressive activists. Your
donations now to pre-order these tickets is what will allow us to
jump into production again immediately.

So please submit the form below and make a donation of any amount you
can. And feel free to treat a friend to come see The Last War Crime
movie with you.

Last War Crime Ticket Orders:

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.
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for federal income tax purposes.

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