13 Nov

The Election & Aftermath

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The New Beginning


We see him standing there in the bright January sun, this tall, slim American, born of Kansas and Kenya,
This graduate of Harvard, this teacher of constitutional law, this community organizer, this respected author, this Senator from Illinois.
We see him standing there, vowing to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

We see him standing there, now with the accomplished, eloquent  Michelle,
Their two young daughters sparkling by their side.
We see this American family whom we have made our own.

We see him step to the podium, looking out over the gathered throng of his fellow citizens.
We hear him, his voice sure and strong, with the cadence of King,
His words soaring over our Capitol, our country, our world.

“. . .  So, now, let us begin a new chapter in our country’s history.

Together, young and old, black and white, Native Americans, Hispanic and Asian Americans, Arab Americans,  Americans from every region of our country

–together, let us  work to redeem and renew the promise of America for all of our citizens,

let us  help heal the wounds of the peoples of the world,

and let us lead the sacred effort to repair and preserve our precious planet.

There will be times when our mission will seem too difficult; at times, impossible.   There will be struggle, set-backs, and sacrifice.  But keeping our faith in one another and in the good we pursue, we will overcome the obstacles  that lie ahead.

Together, we cannot fail.

Let us begin.”

We see a hopeful America on this bright Winter day in the year 2009 seeing and hearing her new President.

We see those struggling against discrimination, poverty, and fear here in America and around the world
Seeing and hearing him.

We see the young men and women of America, in love again with the possibility of America and their place in that America
Seeing and hearing him.
We see black American girls and boys, bursting with pride and renewed purpose
Seeing and hearing him.

We see all of us who have been heart-sick and outraged at the damage done to our
country and the world during the last eight years
Seeing and hearing him.

We see a young Muslim boy, a student in a Saudi Arabian madrasa
Seeing and hearing him.

We see all and each of these and more, so many more,  seeing and hearing

Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America.

And we see the beginning of something new.

Mary Oleary-McGlinn

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