04 Feb

“The Day of Departure” Help it Happen.


“One of the blights of history will now involve a U.S. president who held out his hand to the Islamic world and then clenched his fist when it fought a dictatorship and demanded democracy.”  
Robert Fisk, journalist

Dear The McGlynn,

The people of Egypt have called today “The Day of Departure.” They have been clear: President Mubarak must go.  The orchestrated attacks that continue on peaceful protesters, journalists and international observers have exposed the true brutality of the Mubarak dictatorship.  Mubarak has no credibility as a leader or as an ally.  Mubarak must leave immediately or risk pushing Egypt into further chaos.The US chose to turn a blind eye to Mubarak’s human rights abuses and corruption pouring tens of billions of US tax dollars into the Egyptian military and state security apparatus in exchange for a decrepit peace agreement between Israelis and the Palestinians.

Even the Bush Administration recognized the need for a strong civil society in Egypt requiring that a portion of US funds go to support organizations working for democratic principles and practices.  The Obama Administration lifted this condition as a favor to Mubarak, greatly alienating Egyptian civil society.  Our government has propped up the 30-year Mubarak regime despite its ongoing repression and corruption.  The Egyptian nation has been left impoverished.  Now is the time to make things right for all of Egypt.

As protests spread across the region, it is critical that a timely and peaceful transition occur in Egypt.  We have a responsibility to do all we can to support the Egyptian people in their courageous struggle for democracy.

Call the White House – 202-456-1111
Click here to email President Obama


Flood the White House with calls and emails insisting that President Obama:

  • Urge Mr. Mubarak to RESIGN TODAY and that he call for an end to all attacks on the Egyptian people and journalists.
  • Support the legitimate demands of the Egyptian people for free and fair elections.  
  • Halt all U.S. military/CIA aid to Egypt.  We need to provide economic and humanitarian aid to support civil society now.


Email President Obama Right Now

Please also take a minute to call your Senators and Representative with the same message: “I want Obama to pressure Mubarak to resign now and I want Congress to cut military aid to Egypt.” To find your elected officials click here.

In Solidarity,

United for Peace & Justice

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