14 Sep

The BolgerGate Scandal in Michigan

 “Practice what you preach” – Speaker Jase Bolger and Rep. Roy Schmidt

Dear The McGlynn

Finally, Michiganders may see some measure of justice for Jase Bolger’s election fraud. While a grand jury just started investigating the BolgerGate scandal, Rep. Brandon Dillon (D – Grand Rapids) yesterday introduced House Resolution 316 calling on Speaker Jase Bolger to resign his leadership position.

A new poll shows Jase Bolger’s support is crumbling in his own district, and the Lansing State Journal, The Livingston Daily, and even the Toledo Blade have editorialized against his plot to fix the election in the 76th district. We couldn’t agree more. Take action and tell your lawmaker to support HR 316 calling on Speaker Jase Bolger to resign his leadership position.

It should be unthinkable that Jase Bolger would be allowed to continue in his role as Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives. Bolger’s ability to lead and his judgment have been called into question by his constituents, Michigan’s newspapers, and even his colleagues in the House.

We’re fed up, and know you are too. Voters in Michigan’s 76th District deserve justice, and it’s up to all of Michigan to help them – because Jase Bolger and Lansing Republicans surely won’t. Send a message to your lawmaker urging them to support HR 316.

Thanks for all you do,

Chad Cyrowski and the entire Progress Michigan team

P.S. What’s BolgerGate? At the 11th hour, Speaker Bolger and Rep. Roy Schmidt cooked up a scheme to rig an election in the 76th District by switching parties and paying off a phony candidate to run as a fake Democrat.

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