25 Feb

The 2013 Hypocrisy Oscars

or Gutless? Lunatics, Legislators and Liberty’s Limits

Magstadt, Op-Ed:
What hunter needs 15 bullets to bring down a deer or
eight shells to pop a partridge? Assault weapons have nothing to do with the
Constitution: when the Second Amendment was passed, they were still using
muskets and powder horns. So anyone who argues there was some “original intent”
to allow citizens to possess lethal weapons that did not exist when the Bill of
Rights was drafted is disingenuous. Meanwhile, the NRA, ALEC, and the gun-crazed
extremists, who back and bankroll them, would have us believe that placing any
limits whatsoever on gun ownership is the first step toward tyranny; that the
right to amass a private arsenal of deadly weapons is absolute.

Senator With an ‘A’ Rating from NRA Open to Universal Background

Keyes, News Report:
Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is the latest
Republican considering legislation to strengthen gun laws, despite his history
of opposition to gun control. In a handful of town halls throughout southern
Iowa this week, Grassley was repeatedly asked his views on stronger gun laws. He
made clear that he would oppose an assault weapons ban, but said he’d consider
legislation on extended magazine clips and universal background checks. “I’m
going to see what the language of the amendment is,” Grassley told a constituent
on Wednesday in Indianola when asked about a poll showing 88 percent of Iowans
supporting universal background checks.

Begged for Them to Stop’

Turse, Op-Ed:
The practice of water torture became widely known in the
U.S. after it was disclosed that the CIA had been subjecting suspected
terrorists to it in the wake of 9/11. More recently, cinematic depictions of
waterboarding in the award-winning film Zero Dark Thirty and questions about it
at the Senate confirmation hearing for incoming CIA chief John Brennan have
sparked debate. Water torture, however, has a surprisingly long history, dating
back to at least the fourteenth century. It has been a U.S. military staple
since the beginning of the twentieth century, when it was employed by Americans
fighting an independence movement in the Philippines.

Freakshow: 59 Percent of Tuna Mislabeled, Fake Tuna Linked to ‘Anal Oil

Gucciardi, News Report:
The new genetic testing campaign kickstarted
and funded by the nonprofit organization known as Oceana, a group whose mission
statement involves protecting the world’s oceans, reveals that 59 percent of
tuna is not only mislabeled but is almost entirely compromised of a fish once
banned by the FDA. Sushi restaurants were the worst offenders by far, but the
tests spanned throughout restaurants and grocery stores alike. Altogether, the
findings oust over half of tuna fish as fraudulent.

Stupid, Destructive Game

(RJ) Eskow, Op-Ed:
The president is once again boasting of past
spending cuts, even as their harmful effects ripple throughout our economy. He’s
giving immediate deficit reduction a higher priority than much-needed
investment. And he’s proposing two dollars in spending cuts for every dollar in
revenue, which is a pretty right-wing way of going about it. It’s a game—a
stupid and destructive game whose cheerleaders are vapid and flippant thugs like
Alan Simpson or pampered and self-satisfied hedge-funders like Erskine Bowles.
The president could demand an end to the game.

Licence to Cheney-Linked Energy Firm on Golan Heights Raises

Lobe, News Report:
In a potential new source of contention between
President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has
reportedly granted a U.S. energy firm with heavyweight political connections to
explore for oil and gas in the occupied Golan Heights. The company is a local
subsidiary of New Jersey-based Genie Energy Ltd. The Strategic Advisory Board of
another subsidiary, Genie Oil and Gas, includes former Vice President Dick
Cheney, media magnate Rupert Murdoch and former Republican Rep. Jim Courter.

Documentary Celebrates the Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade

Sands Blockade, Video Report:
Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands
Blockade is an hour-long documentary film written and directed by Garrett Graham
in collaboration with the Tar Sands Blockade and features exclusive video
footage shot by the blockaders during the course of more than six months of
sustained resistance. Blockadia Rising is just the opening chapter in this
ongoing movement to stop this pipeline and halt the extraction of the Canadian
tar sands, but the blockaders see themselves as a part of a larger struggle
against the consequences of runaway climate change caused by unchecked
extraction of natural resources by industry at the expense of both human and
non-human communities.

2013 Hypocrisy Oscars

Buchheit , Op-Ed:
The best actors in America are the business and
government leaders who impersonate job creators and makers of prosperity. For
their stellar performances over the past year, they deserve to be considered for
the special awards such as Best Score, Leading Actress, Best Self-Supporting
Actors etc. And THE WINNER IS…the Financial Industry. The acceptance speech
might go a little something like this: I’d like to thank Congress and the SEC
and the Glass-Steagall repealers and the ratings agencies and all my friends at
the Federal Reserve, and everyone who came through the revolving door of my
life. And to you, America: You dislike me, you really dislike me!

New Racism

S. Hirschhorn, Op-Ed:
It is time for people, especially decent
Republicans, to condemn Rush Limbaugh for all of his many failures, especially
his new attempt to mask racism with the cloak of information deficits. If
Republicans ever want to appeal to a broad cross section of Americans, they
should have the courage to disown and openly condemn the appalling strategy of
bloviate Limbaugh to cater to the most stupid and biased Americans. They may,
indeed, be seen as the core constituency of the Republican Party, but they are
the heavy anchor pulling it down.

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