02 Jan

Thank God It Is Over!


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Yes, indeed! It’s over … thank God!


The year 2009 has begun in a similar fashion to the ending of 2008, with the unleashing of untold horror on innocent civilians the world over by supposedly ‘democratic’ governments. The continued U.S. bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq and the accompanying violation by the U.S. of international law in atrocities carried out against innocent civilians is mirrored by Israel’s bombing of Gaza and Israel’s similar violation of international law. Obama’s silence is deafening and a clear indication that the foreign policy of a U.S., governed by President Obama, will not be that dissimilar to what we have seen before. The similarities between these two governments and their military actions arise from a common purpose, which has indeed been articulated by President-Elect Obama.

Beware the King who comes in the guise of a prophet for he is allied to power and the exercise of power. Kings represent their people only in name and often only to serve the interests of the few. The obvious question that should be asked of Obama is: Whom do You Serve? What power does his silence serve ? What does it effect ? The answer is clear. And so 2009 begins as 2008 ends, with no apparent change.

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