11 Jan

Tell the Senate: Don’t let the “assassination czar” of the Obama administration lead the CIA.

President Obama’s “Dick Cheney”

On Monday, President Obama nominated John Brennan to lead the CIA. Brennan was a torture apologist whose role as one of the principal architects of the president’s extrajudicial assassinations program has earned him the title of “assassination czar.”

Besides his role in the assassination program, Brennan was also a Bush-era CIA official–in fact, he was chief of staff to Bush’s CIA director and then himself became deputy director of the CIA–at a time when the CIA was running a kidnapping and “rendition” program, which turned over detainees to foreign governments to be tortured.

Despite recent backpedalling, during the Bush administration Brennan publicly embraced and defended the use of torture by the American government.

All of this is so morally objectionable that we cannot be complicit and stand silent.

So we’re joining with our friends at Demand Progress to demand that the Senate stand up for human rights, the Rule of Law, and basic human decency by rejecting Brennan’s nomination.

Tell the Senate: Don’t let the “assassination czar” of the Obama administration lead the CIA.

The previous CIA chief resigned in disgrace after admitting to an extra-marital affair. But outrageously, supporting murder and torture has become widely accepted by people inside the Beltway.

This wasn’t always the case.

In 2008, when President Obama was rumored to want John Brennan as his CIA director, Brennan’s complicity in Bush-era crimes led to an outcry that forced him to remove his name from consideration.

Torture and extra judicial assassinations are just as outrageous now as they were under the Bush administration. And we should not be silent when a nomination by the Obama administration advances an immoral agenda.

John Brennan has presided over an assassination program which has resulted in at least many hundreds of civilian deaths in Pakistan and Yemen (including the death of an American teenager who had no involvement in terrorism).

We have been solemnly told by the Obama administration that the Constitutional right to Due Process doesn’t stop the president from ordering a Predator drone to fire a missile at an American teenager.

It has been “explained” that there’s a secret legal memo that makes this “legal.”

It’s absurd, it’s illegal, it’s completely antithetical to democratic values, and it’s morally repugnant. We need to speak out and tell the Senate: Enough!

Tell the Senate: Don’t let the “assassination czar” of the Obama administration lead the CIA.

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