17 Oct

Tell The Master’s School to protect all of its students from discrimination.

Human Rights Campaign

Dear The McGlynn,

She was a model student and a star athlete – an honest young
woman in her final year at a private Christian high school, The Master’s School,
in Connecticut.

But when school administrators asked her about her sexual
orientation, she answered courageously and honestly that she is a lesbian.

And then those same administrators told her to withdraw
or she would be kicked out.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students across
the country are back in school, many facing bullying from peers. The last thing
these students need is a school administration that refuses to protect them from
unfair treatment.

Thousands of equality supporters like you have already sent
letters to officials at The Master’s School calling on them to make it right and
protect all of their students. Will you send a letter now,

The Master’s School: Your LGBT students deserve protection – not expulsion.
Now’s the time to enact a non-discrimination policy so that all students feel
safe to be who they are.

National Coming Out Day was just last week and Spirit
Day is Thursday
– it’s a time each year when we celebrate openness and
speak out against bullying. Together, we’re striving to create a world where no
student, no soldier, no employee – no one – has to fear coming out.

In too many places around this country, LGBT students risk
expulsion, bullying, and harassment that jeopardizes their academic futures and
their emotional well-being.

The Master’s School in Connecticut has a chance to make
it right with the student they asked to leave.
They have an opportunity
to lead by example – to institute modern-day policies, and to bring their model
student back into their community.

you take one minute to send a letter to The Master’s School right now? Tell them
to update their policies and treat all their students fairly.

The path to equality has taken us together on a lot of twists
and turns. The Master’s School, with HRC’s help, can become a model environment
for diversity and tolerance in education, but they need to take the first step
now and make things right.

Thanks for standing with us now and always.

Joe Solmonese
Joe Solmonese
President, HRC

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