02 Nov

Tell MSNBC: Fire white supremacist Pat Buchanan.

Dear The O’Leary,

In July, you told MSNBC to fire Pat Buchanan and
stop giving him a platform to spread his racist rhetoric.

Since then, the case against MSNBC employing him
has only gotten stronger. He recently published a book that argues that racial
diversity marks the “End of White America.” If that’s not bad enough, he also
promoted his book on the radio show of a white supremacist who has said
“interracial sex is white genocide.”

Ali Rozell, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action


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CREDO Action | more than a network, a movement.Tell MSNBC: Fire white supremacist Pat Buchanan.

Dear O’Leary

For years, Pat Buchanan has passed off white supremacist ideology as legitimate mainstream political commentary. And MSNBC continues to pay him and give him a platform on national TV to do it.

And he’s at it again.

Buchanan has just published a book which says that increasing racial diversity is a threat to this country and will mean the “End of White America.”1 To promote his book, he went on a white supremacist radio show whose host has said things like “MLK’s dream is our nightmare,” and “interracial sex is white genocide.”2

Buchanan should be able to say just about anything he wants. But MSNBC — a network that is now working to position itself as the progressive alternative to FOX News and CNN —
doesn’t have to pay him money and give him an international television platform to spread his racist lies.

Tell MSNBC: Fire Pat Buchanan! Click here to sign the

MSNBC President
Phil Griffin considers the network “the place to go for progressives.”3

But promoting bigotry and racism is anything but progressive. Buchanan’s laundry list of
unabashed white-supremacy includes downplaying slavery,4 writing a
book in which he advocated shutting down our borders to maintain white dominance
and espoused the genetic superiority of whites,5 complaining that
confirming Elena Kagan would put too many Jews on the Supreme Court,6
and even defending Hitler. Repeatedly.7

If Buchanan wasn’t paid money and given a powerful media platform, he’d be just another person with
outdated, extremist ideas. But it’s irresponsible and dangerous for MSNBC to promote his hateful views to an audience of millions.

Tell MSNBC: Fire Pat Buchanan! Click here to sign the

Thank you
for standing up to hate.

Ali Rozell,
Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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