09 Aug

Tell AG Holder: What’s the Holdup?!? It’s time to throw Wall Street crooks in jail!

Dear The McGlynn,

Every week it seems a new major banking scandal hits the news, exposing big
Wall Street firms like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo getting
caught defrauding customers, homeowners and investors. Yet, many of us are
starting to wonder: Will the American justice system ever take

The damage of the financial collapse created by these Wall Street titans just
entered its fifth year. But the Justice Department and Attorney General Eric
Holder have simply not been aggressive enough in punishing Wall Street’s recent
streak of injustices. Even though a new financial crimes task force was
announced to great fanfare back in January, it has not received anything close
to the necessary level of resources to conduct a serious investigation. As a
result, Wall Street CEOs continue to walk away with millions in
severance and stock gains, at the expense of the people they

That is why American Family Voices is joining with Campaign for a Fair
Settlement and other national organizations to do something about it.
Our economy will not heal unless Wall Street execs are barred from the
kind of insider deals that steal from everyone.

Sign our petition at Tell Attorney General Holder to hire the
staff he needs to prosecute Wall Street crimes.

The window to prosecute the crimes that caused our financial collapse is
quickly closing. We can’t let the clock run out.

Tell Eric Holder – Give DOJ the resources it needs to prosecute bank

Sign the petition here

Thank you for all that you do,

Mike Lux
Family Voices

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