20 Mar

Tell AARP: Listen to your members, not to the lobbyists and other special interests representing the “1 percent.”

Dear The McGlynn,

Social Security has consistently faced
attacks, but Gray Panthers has remained in the forefront to protect this and
other essential programs. As a member of the Strengthen Social Security
we are working in coalition and urging you to sign on the

campaign’s petition to speak out!Recently, the Huffington Post published an
article reporting that the CEO of AARP is holding a private meeting with a small
group of Washington insiders whom they describe as “thought leaders” to discuss
the future of Social Security. This closed meeting will be heavily stacked with
“powerful Washington establishment figures who are on record favoring cuts to
Social Security and Medicare.”Ironically, while the CEO of AARP is set
to hold a private meeting with people who want to cut Social Security and
Medicare benefits, the organization has also just launched an effort billing
itself as an opportunity to “take the debate about the future of these programs
out from behind closed doors in Washington.”

So if there’s ever a time to speak out to
AARP, it’s now.

Tell AARP: Listen to your members, not to the lobbyists
and other special interests representing the “1

Last year AARP faced a massive backlash
when its board dropped its opposition to cutting Social Security and its policy
director publicly signaled a willingness to consider benefit cuts. After the
public outcry, AARP backtracked and claimed it did not in fact support cutting
Social Security. But now it looks like AARP is at it again, and this time
backtracking will not be good enough. We need the AARP to stand up and fight for
the benefits their members have earned through their hard work and payroll tax

While it appears as if AARP may be willing
to falter on their stance to protect social security, other organization are
continuously working to fight back against opponents who want weaken the program
with cuts. The AFL-CIO just called for Social Security benefits “to be
increased across the board”
, while pointing out that Social Security is a

“key solution to our retirement crisis.” This is the type of leadership that
AARP should be taking, not pandering to the insiders!

Tell AARP: Be a leader,
demand an across the board increase in Social Security benefits!

Demand that Social Security COLAs for seniors and people with disability
take into account the high health care costs they face.

Gray Panthers will continue to remain a
strong force in the effort to protect Social Security and other important
programs. We urge you to speak out now by signing on to this important

In justice & peace,
Gray Panthers
ay Panthers appreciates your
support in working towards our vision of social and economic justice for ALL

If your
employer participates in the Combined Federal Campaign, this is another way you
can contribute to the Gray Panthers.
We are listed under Human and
Civil Rights

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