24 Jul

Mitt Romney Made Over $25 Million In Foreign Income While Governing, Campaigning

Ryan GrimBecome a fan Mitt Romney has earned a lot of income overseas. WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney accumulated more than $25 million in foreign income between 2005 and 2010, while he was governor of Massachusetts and a presidential candidate, according to an analysis of his 2010 tax return. The 2010 return lists foreign tax […]

03 Jun

IMF Boss Lagarde, Who Lectured Greeks to ‘Pay Up’, Pays No Taxes Herself

  IMF boss who caused international outrage when she suggested that Greeks should pay their taxes earns a tax-free salary By Common Dreams staff Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund managing director who provoked an angry reaction from the Greek people after telling them to pay their taxes, does not pay tax on her own […]

17 Apr

Five Reasons Why the Very Rich Have NOT Earned Their Money

“Any one of these five reasons should reinforce the belief that the rich should be paying a LOT more in taxes.” By Paul Buchheit The wealthiest Americans believe they’ve earned their money through hard work and innovation, and that they’re the most productive members of society. For the most part they’re wrong. As the facts […]

16 Apr

Who’s really waging class warfare in America? (MSNBC)

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