08 Mar

Sandra Fluke Opening Statement (C-SPAN) /Limbaugh/Romney

Sandra Fluke Opening Statement Subsequently called a slut and a prostitute by Rush Limbaugh Romney’s response to Limbaugh’s slander amd libel: “”It’s not the language I would have used,” Wayne Barrett on the Clear Channel connection between Mitt Romney and Rush Limbaugh Company Profile for CC Media Holdings Inc (CCMO) (Owns Clear Channel) CC Media Holdings, […]

08 Mar

Rush saw his shadow today. Six more weeks of stupidity…

Margaret and Helen Margaret, evidently you and I are sluts, and so are the majority of women who live in this county. Well good for us. I have always said that well-behaved women rarely make history. I have also said that Rush Limbaugh is a big fat pig. Pigs and sluts. Sadly, that’s what this […]

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