25 Jul

Support America’s Wounded Warriors

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Hi The McGlynn,

Young soldiers have dreams just like us — to get an education, start a family or see the world. But in one second, a bullet, bomb or grenade can change everything. It’s up to us to make sure these brave men and women get the support they deserve.

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Every day, Americans soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan survive what were once fatal battle wounds in older wars. That’s a good thing, but often soldiers undergo multiple surgeries, lose limbs and must re-learn how to do the simplest of tasks.

While the government provides critical services to wounded men and women who return home, it takes the support of the entire nation to make sure they get the chance to live a full life and achieve their dreams.

Thank our wounded warriors, and support efforts to help them return to civilian life with education, training, and emotional and medical support »

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Support America’s
Wounded Warriors
Thank our soldiers for their sacrifice.
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