24 May

Stop Sexual Harassment of Immigrant Farmworkers

protect grizzly bears from extinction

Rights Watch (HRW) recently revealed that the number of farmworkers sexually
harassed by their supervisors numbers in the hundreds of thousands. These
vulnerable women often have no idea of their rights, and most of these crimes go
unreported »
the story of “Patricia.” Patricia was in her early twenties when she came to the
U.S., and was able to land a job picking almonds. A foreman drove the laborers
to and from the orchard every day, and it wasn’t long before Patricia caught his
unwanted attention. One day, the foreman dropped everyone off except for her. He
then took her into a remote field and raped her.
didn’t tell a soul, and the abuse continued. “He kept raping me and I let him
because I didn’t want him to hit me,” she explains. “I didn’t want to feel pain.
I felt very sad and alone.”
It wasn’t until she became pregnant that she finally shared her story with a
social services agency. The agency helped her file a police report, and although
the foreman was deported, he was not prosecuted for his crime.Join us in calling on
Congress for stronger protection for immigrant women, including the
strengthening of the Violence Against Women Act. Sign to stop the abuse.

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