05 Mar

Stop Rush Limbaugh

Dear Friend,

Rush Limbaugh has always prided himself as being a man of the people, an average American. He often derides his opponents by labeling them as out-of-touch, well off elitists. He has built a career out of dividing people from one another through racist, sexist, and populist demagoguery. What he doesn’t tell you is that he spews his poisonous rhetoric from a $13.95 million penthouse in Manhattan.

Rush Limbaugh is no ‘man of the people’. What ‘man of the people’ spends $81,450 just in monthly condo expenses? What ‘man of the people’ spends fortunes on hand painting ceilings and walls? Rush is not like the rest of America and he knows it.

Join us on “I’m Sick of Right Wing Smears” on Facebook to help us reach 10,000 fans. Only with a force of motivated activists will we be able to fight back the smears and lies that Rush Limbaugh and his cronies peddle on a daily basis. It is time for all of us to band together and fight the smears once and for all. It is critical for you to recruit your friends to join the page and watch the video. Can you help?

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Films team

Recruit Your Friends | Fight The Smears

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