24 Feb

Stand up to the corporate interests trying to dominate our Democracy



The McGlynn,

Governor Walker claims that his controversial proposal is simply about the budget. But it’s not: it’s a political bait-and-switch designed to destroy the fundamental rights of Wisconsin’s workers.

And in the last two weeks, it’s become clear that Governor Walker isn’t doing his job to represent my state of Wisconsin. Instead, he’s trying to make a national name for himself by pushing the same agenda shared by corporate interests like the Koch brothers – the billionaire captains of industry who just recently opened a lobbying office across the street from the Capitol in Madison.

The Kochs not only spent tens of thousands of dollars supporting Walker’s campaign, but they also funneled millions of dollars through front groups to fund attack ads. And now, just as the people of Wisconsin are working together to stand up to them, the Kochs and other front groups are trying to simply buy the result they want, showering the state with pro-Walker, anti-Obama TV ads.

Enough is enough. It’s time we unite as progressives and stand up to the corporate interests trying to dominate our democracy. Members of Progressives United are calling on Governor Walker to take a step back and end his attempt to strip the rights of Wisconsin’s workers. Click here to join us.

Democrats and workers are willing to come to the table and compromise in the spirit of shared sacrifice for the sake of the budget. 

But no matter how much he claims otherwise, Governor Walker’s goals aren’t about money. They’re about politics.

It was clear from the beginning: one of Governor Walker’s first legislative priorities was passing tax cuts for corporations, which only furthered the budget problem. He is now using that to gut workers rights, putting the burden of corporate tax cuts on the backs of taxpaying Wisconsin workers.

Governor Walker has made it clear, he thinks of Wisconsin as the first domino in a war on workers’ rights. Governors in Indiana, Florida, and Ohio have already proposed similar plans – but unlike Governor Walker, they’re willing to compromise.

We have a unique opportunity here to show that individuals can join together and stop attempts by big-monied special interests to attack this country’s middle class. Join members of Progressives United in telling Governor Walker: Get past the heavy-handed politics and outside money and stop attacking our rights.


As a former state senator and U.S. senator from Wisconsin — but more importantly, as a citizen of Wisconsin — I call on Governor Walker to drop his attack on the fundamental rights of workers and focus on his job of fixing the budget.


Thank you for joining me,


Russ Feingold
Progressives United


P.S.  — Please take action today to join me and  ask Governor Walker to rise above the influence of heavy-handed politics and outside money and go to work for the people.

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