15 May

Somewhere over the rainbow…

Somewhere over the rainbow…

Margaret and Helen

Margaret, tell Howard that the difference between me and Rush Limbaugh is that I don’t lie in order to support my opinion.  That fat bastard Limbaugh will say anything to keep his ratings up and counts on his fans being too lazy to check the facts.  And as far as the next election, Howard is probably right.  This fickle country of ours will probably put the Republicans back in control of something and it will start all over again.  It’s sad really.

I wonder if the Grand Old Party has taken a step back recently and gotten a good look at just how tarnished they have become?   You’ve got one Governor shooting wolves out of helicopters and another using laser guided missiles  to take out coyotes during his morning jog.    You’ve got the Tea Party rooting for insurance companies instead of kids  and the Right-To-Lifers shooting doctors at church.  The GOP even has homophobes practicing homosexuality.  And “drill, baby, drill” isn’t sounding too great for a battle cry these days, but by God they’re sticking to it.  From where I sit, the entire Republican Party should head to OZ – looking for a brain, a heart and a pair of testicles.

Honestly, do Republicans put their guns down long enough to wipe their asses or do they just take a chance and occasionally wound themselves in the privates?  What the hell are these people thinking?  Have you listened to Rush Limbaugh recently?  And if you have, please tell me why.   We know he never graduated from College.  We know his mother said he flunked everything.  We know that much of his career was spent high on hillbilly heroin.  And we know for damn sure he lies.  There is actually an entire organization dedicated to exposing his lies from each and every broadcast.  So how in God’s name can you repeat his garbage in your emails and comments to me and not expect me to immediately discount you for a fool?

For the record.  I have no issue with all these morons asking to see President Obama’s birth certificate.  After all, for eight years I demanded that President Bush produce a GED document to prove he had a brain.  I never did get proof, but I also knew when to give up… right about the time he said that the human being and fish could coexist peacefully.   The birth certificate argument is a horse as dead as the coyote that almost ate Governor Good Hair.

The absolute absurdity of it all has become… well…  absurd.

Margaret, you have to ask yourself:

How many guns do you need before you cross the line from hunter to paranoid militia member?

How much oil has to wash ashore in the Gulf Coast before we seriously consider solar, wind and other alternative fuel sources?

How many skeletons and fossils do we have to dig up before evolution seems more plausible than the story of God sleeping in after six days of hard work?

How many wars do we have to start before we realize that, in war, there are no winners except Dick Cheney and Halliburton?

How long before Tea Party members stop misspelling signs and just start burning crosses?

Does that law in Arizona really do anything to fix immigration or is it just a new way of saying you don’t want a Mexican buying the house next door? 

And just how stupid does Sarah Palin have to be before you reconsider giving her the codes to the nukes?

About that last one. I really, really do mean it.

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