22 Sep

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Robinson: Troy Davis Is Dead; the Movement Continues

he died, Troy told us that this was about more than him — and he called on
those of us who have fought against his execution to continue fighting for
justice, even if we weren’t successful in saving his life.
Mapes: We Are All Eyewitnesses

system, too often, is as fundamentally unfair as we are — as cruel as any one
person can be, as riddled with hypocrisy, confusion and mistakes. Tonight, as
prayers are delivered and hopes are dashed, we should resolve to finally do
something about our addiction to execution.
Clemons: Obama Tells Palestinians to Stay in Back of the Bus

Obama’s speech at the United Nations yesterday paled in comparison to the
soaring, expectation raising addresses he gave early in his administration,
particularly in Cairo, but also at past UN General Assembly gatherings. The
President has lost his groove.
Peggy Drexler: Some Thoughts for the Invisible Woman

to Michele Bachmann. Here’s a suggestion from someone you will never invite to
lunch. What if you used your presence to speak for women who so far have been
invisible and irrelevant to the message planners? These are real issues out
there. What have you got to lose?.

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