30 Jun

Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circum spice. (1)


(An ode to July in Michigan)

Time and time again, I have found peace here at this lovely inland lake

On this beautiful peninsula in Michigan:

Peace as comforting as the early morning sun warming

The waiting lake;

Peace as sweet as almost-forgotten scents of earth, woods, leaves, life released

By the soaking Summer rain;

Peace as soothing as the movement of white wisps of clouds, slow-dancing

Across a vast expanse of blue;

Peace as calming as the lake at twilight,

Quiet, still, serene;

Peace as deep as the infinite, star-studded

Northern night sky;

Peace as loving as the full golden moon laying down a path of

Soft light across the gently rippling night water.

Oh, to be able to keep this peace as a mystical memento

Of a Leelanau retreat,

To bring it home as a spiritual shield against

The city glare and noise,

Until, returning north, I am made new once again by

The peace of this peninsula..

Mary Oleary-McGlinn

(1) If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.

State Motto of Michigan

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