19 Aug

Shooting the Schlessinger


by: Helen Philpot | August 19, 2010

Margaret and Helen

Best Friends for Sixty Years and Counting…

Margaret, your letters have been a source of comfort these past few weeks.  I really have not felt like writing until your nephew called me to tell me that lots of people actually read this thing and many of them think that I am dead.  Goodness gracious. I had no idea that once I started I couldn’t stop.  But if this is my lot in life, I guess things could be worse.  It keeps me busy and right now I probably don’t need a lot of time on my hands.

I saw in the news today that one of your radio shows is coming to an end.  That Dr. Laura lunatic you like has finally gone one step too far and used the N-word a few too many times… well actually one too many times if you think about it.  It’s just not one of those words  a crazy white woman should let slip.  You’d think she would know that. 

You’d also think that she would have a better understanding of the First Amendment which she is now claiming has been denied to her.   I assume, of course, that she is referring to the freedom of speech and not the freedom of the press – the later referring to actual journalists and not some quack with a PhD in physiology.

What Ms. Schlessinger seems to forget is that she indeed has the right to say the N word.  In fact, she exercised her right to say the N word over and over again.  And still today she could continue to say the N word until the Sarah Palin comes home.  No one has stopped her from doing so just as no one stopped me from just now insinuating Sarah Palin is a cow.  Schlessinger’s First Amendment rights are very much intact.  The First Amendment, however, doesn’t prevent people from deciding that maybe the next time Laura Schlessinger says the N word a microphone shouldn’t be sitting in front of her.

And so Physiologist Schlessinger is just one more name on an ever-growing list of Conservative Americans who talk out of both sides of their ass… sorry I meant mouth… no I think I meant ass.

Folks, these talking heads need to stop talking to us like we are stupid.  And quite frankly we need to stop soaking it all up like idiots.  Just because you heard it on the boob tube – or the radio for that matter – doesn’t make it true.

Obama isn’t shredding the constitution.  Healthcare Reform isn’t going to put me or any other grandmother in an early grave.  Anchor babies, missing birth certificates, protecting the sanctity of marriage, … it’s all a bunch of crap.  And if you don’t believe me, take a good hard look  at the asshole who said it.  I mean it.  Really.

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