28 Apr

Senator Lincoln’s attack is the height of hypocrisy

 Democracy for America

To: The McGlynn 

It’s started.


Now that Bill Halter has closed the gap to single digits in polls between him and Blanche Lincoln for the Democratic Primary on May 18th, Senator Lincoln is running scared and attacking Democracy for America for helping to mobilize voters to make sure everyday Arkansans have their voices heard at the polls.

We’re “outsiders” “trying to influence” the race. We’re “a national group headquartered in Vermont… busing in people from out-of-state to campaign for Blanche’s opponent.” And here’s my favorite:

“This is the same organization that called Blanche a ‘villain’ because they don’t agree with her common-sense approach to solving problems. She’ll work with whomever it takes to get results for Arkansas.”

Actually, she’s a Healthcare Villain because she said she would join a Republican filibuster to kill all healthcare reform if the bill contained the choice of a public option. Since 57% of Arkansans wanted a public option in the bill, opposing the majority of Arkansans doesn’t sound like “common-sense” or “working to get results” to me — but we’ll let the voters explain that to her on Election Day.

This is what we’re up against. This election is a battle for the soul of our party and the future of the U.S. Senate. Either Bill Halter wins and we teach Wall Street Democrats in Washington not to oppose the majority of Americans to kill real reform OR Blanche Lincoln wins and we return to business as usual with the right-wing of our party blocking every real reform.


Of course, Senator Lincoln’s attack is the height of hypocrisy. The same day she attacked you and DFA, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce started running ads in support of her.

Since the U.S. Chamber of Commerce represents businesses nationwide and runs out of Washington D.C. — I’m pretty sure that counts as outsiders trying to influence the race. Of course, we won’t see Senator Lincoln attack the Wall Street businesses that are spending millions on her campaign —  Senator Lincoln only wants to attack you.

Especially since the Chamber also just recognized Senator Lincoln with the “Spirit of Enterprise” award. That’s because she voted the way the Chamber lobbyists wanted in over 70 percent of the votes they tracked in 2009. You can bet that Senator Lincoln has no intention of returning the award or the out-of-state money they’re spending on her campaign.

Thanks to Senator Lincoln’s corporate sponsors, she’s out-spending Bill Halter this week by more than 2 to 1. Senator Lincoln is running scared and pulling out all the stops to win. It’s up to us to make sure Bill Halter has the resources he needs to get his supporters to the polls.


I wouldn’t normally ask you to contribute to candidates two days in a row, but this is too important to wait. The time is now. The election is only 20 days away and early voting starts Monday.

Working together, we can put Bill Halter over the top. Thank you for everything you do.


Charles Chamberlain, Political Director
Democracy for America

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