17 Sep


 By The O’Leary

This country is really screwed up.  The economy is tanking again without ever really recovering from the 07 recession (yes, the recession began in 07, it just took us a year to own up to it; furthermore, for many it was not a recession, it was a depression);  more and more Americans cannot find work that will provide them with a decent wage with which to raise a family or plan a future; the number of Americans living in poverty continues to grow, with the official rate of child poverty in 2009 hitting 21%;  the obscene income gap between the wealthiest of Americans and the rest of us continues to grow and is now the highest in decades; our  infra-structure is falling apart;  many of our schools are in disrepair, especially in areas where children are disadvantaged and in need of more, not less, assistance, and amid this mess, the populace is faced with an election campaign that is bringing forth the most radical, mean-spirited, at times, racist candidates, none of which have any realistic plans to address any of this, that they have seen in a very long time.                                                   


Yes, we are really screwed up.  Have you ever thought about this: the American government can employ hundreds of thousands of American men and women to go to foreign lands and wage war, that is, to kill, or, in the most benign circumstance, to build roads, and hospitals, and schools to win the hearts and minds of those countries we occupy.  But, the American government, using those same resources,  cannot employ hundreds of thousands of American men and women to build America; to repair and renew our bridges, our roads, our schools, our hospitals; to create for Americans our  systems of mass transportation worthy of a civilized and advanced country.  Oh no!  We can’t do that because that would be, shudder, gasp, Socialism!  That would be interfering with our sacrosanct, job-producing, free-market capitalism.  Never mind the fact that our sacrosanct, free-market capitalism, our banks, our businesses aren’t producing jobs at all, aren’t focusing at all on ways to regrow our economy.  Screwed.


And have you ever thought of this?  What if we did bring our war-weary troops home from the many countries where we have foolishly and wastefully sent them?  Where are the jobs for these American men and women?   Makes you wonder.  Is war the only market for American jobs?


Yes, this country is really screwed up.  What are we going to do about it?        

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