13 Apr

Sanders Vs. Clinton

NO decision we make as Americans more dramatically affects the direction of our country than our choice for president. He or she is more than the manager of the executive branch, commander in chief or appointer of judges. The president reflects, but also helps define, our national values, priorities and direction.

After considering the biggest challenges facing our nation and the future I want for my children and our country, I have decided to become the first member of the Senate to support my colleague Bernie Sanders for president.

I grew up in working-class Oregon. On a single income, my parents could buy a home, take a vacation and help pay for college. My father worked with his hands as a millwright and built a middle-class life for us.

My parents believed in education and they believed in the United States. When I was young, my father took me to the grade school and told me that if I went through those doors, and worked hard, I could do just about anything because we lived in America. My dad was right.

Years later, my family and I still live in the same working-class community I grew up in. But America has gone off track, and the outlook for the kids growing up there is a lot gloomier today than 40 years ago.

Many middle-class Americans are working longer for less income than decades ago, even while big-ticket expenses like housing, health care and college have relentlessly pushed higher.

It is not that America is less wealthy than 40 years ago — quite the contrary. The problem is that our economy, both by accident and design, has become rigged to make a fortunate few very well off while leaving most Americans struggling to keep up.

And as economic power has become more concentrated, so too has political power. Special interests, aided by their political and judicial allies, have exercised an ever-tighter grip on our political system, from the rise of unlimited, secret campaign spending to a voter suppression movement.

…………….The first three words of the Constitution, in bold script, are “We the People.” The American story is a journey of continuous striving to more fully realize our founding principles of hope and opportunity for all.

It is time to recommit ourselves to that vision of a country that measures our nation’s success not at the boardroom table, but at kitchen tables across America. Bernie Sanders stands for that America, and so I stand with Bernie Sanders for president……….

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Dem Senator Breaks From The Pack To Endorse Bernie Sanders

Forty Democrats in the Senate have endorsed Hillary Clinton.


Brian Snyder / ReutersSen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is trailing his presidential rival Hillary Clinton in both polls and delegate counts, but he’s won the past seven primary elections. 

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) is supporting Bernie Sanders for president, he said in a blog post on Wednesday. “Hillary Clinton has a remarkable record. She would be a strong and capable president,” Merkley said. “But Bernie Sanders is boldly and fiercely addressing the biggest challenges facing our country… people know that we don’t just need better policies, we need a wholesale rethinking of how our economy and our politics work, and for whom they work.”The Oregon lawmaker’s endorsement is a sharp diversion from his colleagues. Of the 44 Democrats in the Senate, 40 have endorsed Clinton. Those supporters include fellow Oregon senator Ron Wyden and Minority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.)“Having somebody who is identified more as a socialist in many decades of public service than as a Democrat makes it impossible for Democrats in a state like Missouri,” Sen. Claire McCaskill (Mo.) said. “And it makes it very difficult for Democrats in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.”Two other Democratic senators, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), have not made endorsements. Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) has also not endorsed anyone………

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A New Divide Emerges Between Clinton And Sanders

The presidential candidates are occupying differing roles in a dispute over labor policy.

  • At issue is a proposed executive order that would give preference for government contracts to companies that uphold good labor standards.

  • The Sanders campaign loves the idea. The Clinton campaign wants to see the language of the executive order.

  • Workers’ rights groups see this as an elusive goal and want a firm commitment from the candidates.

ASSOCIATED PRESS These two candidates disagree about a few things, including how much to embrace a new executive order to give preferential contracting treatment to companies with good labor standards.

A small labor policy divide has emerged between Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the former supporting an executive order that would steer government contracts toward companies that uphold strong workplace standards, and the latter pledging to work on the idea without fully embracing it.At issue is a proposal called the “Model Employer Executive Order,” which has been an elusive target of progressive groups during the latter years of the Obama administration. If put into effect, it would give preference for government contracts to companies that provide good wages and benefits and remain neutral in unionizing campaigns.The Congressional Progressive Caucus’ leadership PAC, the Progressive Action PAC, sent a letter on Tuesday to both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns calling for them to commit to passing the “Model Employer Executive Order” as well as to promise to create a “White House Office of Good Jobs” should they win the the presidency. The Sanders campaign quickly responded in the affirmative.

Yes, Senator Sanders is proud to commit to this,” emailed Sanders spokesman Warren Gunnels, who noted that the senator was one of 19 who in May 2015 had called for President Barack Obama to issue the order. “As president, Sen. Sanders looks forward to working with the Progressive Caucus to make this executive order a reality.”Pressed on the same issue, the Clinton campaign took a more wait-and-see approach with respect to the actual language of the order………

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Sanders on Clinton: Not Unqualfied, Compromised

Robert L. Borosage

Sanders’ critique of Clinton isn’t that she is unqualified or inexperienced. It is far tougher and more substantive. His campaign is premised on the belief that she is too compromised and conservative to be the president we need………..Sanders is running because he believes that Clinton is too compromised in her agenda. He has defined major substantive areas of disagreement: on corporate trade policies, on the need for major public investment and a sweeping initiative to take on global warming, on national health care, on breaking up the big banks and curbing Wall Street, on progressive taxation that will pay for tuition free public college, on $15.00 an hour minimum wage and empowering workers to organize, on dialing down our interventionist foreign policy and more.  …………….

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