19 Jan

RootsAction – We Oppose the War in Afghanistan

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  • We Oppose the War in Afghanistan
  • Our leaders won’t end the war in Afghanistan unless millions of us say “no more.” Today, Daniel Ellsberg challenges the “false claim…used to justify U.S. troop casualties, vast military spending, countless foreign deaths and illegal acts.” More
    Choose jobs, education and healthcare over endless warfare—take action now.Take Action!
    • If you want 10 more years of war…


      …raise your hand. How about privatized Social Security, any takers? Supervillain corporations? Bought and paid for politics? A media that glosses over the real costs of war? Raise your hand if you want all that.

      Hands still down? Then you’re in the right place. Welcome.

      Talk long enough and you’ll find most Americans are pretty much the same. We want a fair country, not one ruled by corporations; enough jobs; opportunities for young people, and security for old ones. We want to fight only when necessary, and if it’s a mistake, we want it to stop. That’s what most of us voted for in 2008. But elections aren’t enough. Now we know that it’s gonna take action, down at the grassroots level, independent from political party leadership, to solve our biggest problems. It’s gonna take roots action.

      It’s time to get to the heart of things in America. To reconnect with our roots, to who we really are. People who believe in justice and peace. People who want democracy. People who demand a truly civil society, where violence (or the threat of it) is never part of the equation. Raise your—HEY! There are a lot of us!

      So this is RootsAction. If we work together, we’re strong. If we stay connected to each other, together we can make history.

      jimhightower“I support as an online mobilizing force because real change is up to us, not to Obama or the Democratic Party. They are not the progressive movement, we are. Only grassroots initiatives like RootsAction can put progress back in ‘progressive.‘” — Jim Hightower for RootsAction; populist publisher of “The Hightower Lowdown”

      These progressive leaders have strongly endorsed the launch of RootsAction. Join us!

      • Jim Hightower, publisher and author
      • Naomi Klein, author of Shock Doctrine, columnist
      • Cornel West, Princeton professor and author
      • Daniel Ellsberg, released Vietnam-era Pentagon Papers, author
      • Barbara Ehrenreich, author Nickel and Dimed, activist
      • Glenn Greenwald, civil rights attorney and blogger
      • Bill Fletcher Jr., labor and racial justice leader
      • Laura Flanders, GritTV host
      • Former U.S. Senator James Abourezk
      • Coleen Rowley, former FBI agent and whistleblower

      coleen rowley“It’s not hard to bring out the worst in large numbers of citizens by constantly pressing their buttons; fear, hate, greed, false pride and blind loyalty are the main emotions used to manipulate people so much these last years. Reversing this process and empowering people through courage, love, generosity, humility and critical thinking is harder but it can and must be done.” — Coleen Rowley for RootsAction; FBI whistle blower

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