03 Feb

Reduce corporate control of our federal government

Dear The McGlynnI wanted to quickly share an appreciative message from our friends at Common Cause, who have been leading the battle to take our democracy back from the billionaires who want to weaken environmental laws, hamstring industry regulations, cut corporate income taxes and slash the already paltry financial assistance for people in need.Forwarded message:
Date: Thursday, February 3, 2011 9:19:08 AM
Subject: Re: Thank you!

I wanted to say thank you for your help on this effort this past weekend. As you guys know, about 150 USAction/TrueMajority folks signed up after your email—that’s huge! Thanks! You helped fill buses and that’s wonderful. Thanks so much!

And—this is not the end of the campaign to expose people like the Koch Brothers with secret money who are stealing our elections, repealing health care reform, and damaging our environment. Sunday you were part of just the beginning and I’m excited to continue working on this with you.

Anjuli Kronheim
California Common Cause LA Organizer

We definitely WILL continue working to reduce corporate control of our federal government, and we hope you’ll work with us.

Matt Holland

p.s., here’s a sampling of the press coverage:

My favorite:

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