03 Mar

Rachel Maddow took aim at Sen. Orrin Hatch on Tuesday for lying


Rachel Maddow took aim at Sen. Orrin Hatch Tuesday for lying about health care reform and reconciliation in an op-ed written by the senator and published by The Washington Post. Maddow called Hatch a hypocrite and wondered aloud why the Post published his falsehoods:

Maddow:“[Hatch’s op-ed] has so many blantant, out-right falsehoods in it that It made me wonder if maybe there’s a deal or something. Where if maybe you’re a United States Senator who’s been in office for 33 years like Orrin Hatch has, you just don’t get fact-checked anymore in the Washington Post. They just allow you to print whatever you want. Is that the rule? ‘Cause if it isn’t the rule, than how do you explain this?”

Sen. Hatch’s column, “Reconciliation on health care would be an assault to the democratic process,” argued against the use of reconciliation, a simple majority voting procedure, to “to jam through [health care] legislation.” Maddow noted that Sen. Hatch used reconciliation no less than 10 times over the past 21 years.

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