19 Feb

Progressives United – Join


The McGlynn,

It’s been all over the national news this week: Progressives across Wisconsin are standing up and speaking out against the outrageous push by Governor Walker & Republican legislators – backed by big business — to strip state workers of their collective bargaining rights.

I went on the Rachel Maddow Show Wednesday night to talk about what the protests this week in Wisconsin mean for our state and our country – and how our new grassroots organization, Progressives United, is joining the fight.

Watch the video of my appearance with Rachel Maddow now — and pledge to stand with your fellow progressives and me in this fight:

Big business threw unlimited money at electing Governor Walker, who now is returning the favor by trying to advance a pro-corporate, anti-worker agenda. That flies against the hard-fought worker protections we’ve worked generations to achieve in Wisconsin, and we won’t let our work be undone.

So right now, America needs progressives like you and me – and millions of others – to unite.

These rallies are getting huge TV coverage.  This is our time to make our voices heard. Pledge now that you will stand with us and fight

Thank you for uniting with your fellow progressives,

Russ Feingold
Progressives United

P.S. Progressives are so eager to unite that our website was overwhelmed when we launched earlier this week. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support. We’re fully back online today, and I hope you’ll check out our website, if you haven’t already.

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